Wednesday 1 April 2009

EA and Activision-Blizzard to merge?

Holy poo Batman! Credit Crunch is hitting bloody everybody!

Does this mean WAR will become WoWAR? Seriously this has the potential for some pretty messed up turd, I fear for the future of WAR if this goes through... We'll have Goblins in bloody tuxedos and poxy Gnomes discombobulating Dark Elf poontang left right and centre.

I've refrained from emo-nerd-rage-quit moments, but this could tip me over the edge. Depressing shit indeed :(

You can check out the details here from Blizzard's PR people and then Mythic's follow up announcement here.


  1. OMG is this for real! Thins can't be all that bad can they

  2. First I didn't believe it, but after following the links I'm now a believer. This is 4real.

  3. :D That first link always cracks me up ;) If you aint heard it before, make sure you wait to the end.
    The guy had voice activated ventrilo on the whole time :D


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