Thursday 2 April 2009

Patch 1.2.1 patch notes are out- Chosen Dread spec killed again

...and it's on the US PTS.

I've not got time for a full review before I need to hit the sack, but here's a few highlights for me:

The Guild Window has received a major facelift and several functional improvements. We have added more information to the Guild Window, such as new news alerts and additional statistics on the profile tab. We have also resolved several interface bugs with the window, such as promoting and demoting through the UI and loss of guild permissions.
This is going to make my life sooo much easier, thank bloody fook for this.

Various improvements have been made to Zone Control Rewards in Tier 4 zones to reward players for zone captures more so than individual Objective and Keep captures. When active zones are captured in Tier 4, all players in the zone are awarded Renown based on their level similar to Tiers 1, 2, and 3. If a Keep is claimed by a guild when the zone is captured, a Gold Bag will be mailed to the Guild Leader who can then mail it to anyone in the guild, as they see fit.
Oooh, gold bag? Sounds cool, could help with getting Annihilator for those unluckly sods that every guild has. Possibility for abuse? Dunno, nothings springing to mind immediately.

Upgrade Your Assault with Ordnance!We are pleased to introduce a new resource to RvR that players can trade in for deadly assault upgrades! Scattered throughout the RvR lakes and acquired from killing players, Ordnance is collected and traded in for various items and weapons to use in open field RvR! Battering rams with more hit points, ballistae that do more damage, oil immunity potions, caltrops, and dynamite can all be purchased and used on unsuspecting enemy players!
Hah, sounds funky :D

- Auras will no longer immediately dispel themselves and go into the temporary version.

- Bane Shield: Fixed a bug that allowed this ability to turn off some auras.
Good, good.
- Rending Blade: This ability’s tooltip now correctly states that the ability is undefendable. Additionally, this ability’s reuse has increased and the cost has been lowered.
Bah, shame to see this nerfed, but with all the mostly justified crying about AoE, it's no shock. I dread to think (pun intended) to see how long its reuse is.
[UPDATE] It's 5 seconds. Bah :( 1.2 nerfed Chosen's single target DPS to the point if being useless, but with Rending Blade (if we specced for it) we had respectable AoE DPS. It made up for the nerf to Touch of Palsy, Cleave STILL not working and the weakening of all our single target abilities. This 5 second has now basically killed the Dread tree again. Lame :(
This post by Zaknarakh sums up the problems in each patch perfectly:

Bright Wizard
A few changes here which I've not put up cos it doesn't mean much to me, but this one does: Rain of Fire: Fixed a bug that allowed this ability to continue channeling after the caster’s death. Additionally, this ability will no longer stack multiple times on an enemy. Instead, multiple Rains of Fire in the same area will begin to affect more people.
Knew it was coming obviously, but I still want to say... thank fook for that! Same applies to Engineers, Sorcs and (Havoc) Magus and their GTAoEs. Everyone knows AoE is killing tier 4, this can't go live soon enough.

Witch Elf
Where are the buffs to this now rubbish class? If the "target out of range" problem also gets fixed in this patch and the reduction in AoE of Doom has the required effect, maybe we'll see improvement for WE from that, but hmmm. Disappointed otherwise.

Lost Vale
Mounts can now be used in exterior areas of the Lost Vale.
YAY, about bloody time. Also good to see a range of bosses being fixed.

Loads and loads of other things in the patch, but it's late and I need to crash out :)

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