Thursday 2 April 2009

WAR Proposed Stat Adjustment! Hmmm :)

Check out this thread by Mythic:

Very interesting indeed.

Critical Damage Calculations
Currently (on 1.2 live), the amount of base critical damage dealt is a random value between 40% and 60%, which then is further modified by career mechanics and buffs. The proposed change will remove this random range and set the base value to 50%. From that 50%, a formula that utilizes the attacker's secondary stat for that attack type (Weapon Skill for Melee & Ranged, Willpower for Magic) and the defender's Initiative will shift that 50% to anywhere between 5% and 75%, based on the values of each stat as compared to each other. With a high positive offensive ratio (more Weapon Skill than Toughness, as an example), the critical damage gain has the potential to be higher than exists on live now, but with a high positive defensive ratio extra critical damage can be greatly reduced.

Your Weapon Skill or Willpower and your targets toughness effecting Crit Damage? Wow, that really mixes things up. A lot of currently dodgy armour sets would look totally different, for example all those Magus items with lots of willpower. At the moment its useless, but with this? Hmmm... Look forward to hearing how this works out.

I like this a lot:
Health Regeneration based on Toughness
Currently (on 1.2 live), the player has no health regeneration in-combat. The proposed change would give every player a health regeneration tic every 4s that would occur even during combat. The amount healed would be based on the player's Toughness, with the current discussed value at Toughness / 5 worth of heal every 4s. Any health regeneration bonuses would then be added to this amount.

At the moment Toughness is the bastard red haired step child of the stat world, this could really change that. If this went live I'd be very keen to see how this works for tank classes.

These are just suggestions being put on PTS for testing, they're not set in stone as going onto live servers. It's our opportunity to see if we like the suggestions and then provide feedback.

PS: GJ Mythic, I really like this style of being open about your ideas and promoting constructive feedback. It's refreshing to see a developer giving the players such an opportunity to shape development.

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