Thursday 17 May 2012

Planetside 2 - Night Ops video

The only PvP MMO I give two turds about right now.

Sunday 13 May 2012

Wednesday 2 May 2012

Since I get accused of hating on GW2...

...I shall now demonstrate the difference between my previous honest, unbiased and balanced opinion on a game I've actually said I would most likely buy and what would happen if I let myself go a little with a proper hate post.

Guild Wars 2 is a stupid little kids game for all the retards that continue to blindly accept the horse shit gameplay inherent in MMOs these days. Kill 20 rats, now kill 20 not rats, now collect 10 cock rings, oh but it's different to other games because you didn't have to talk to a guy with a question mark over his head. Yeah.... it's dynamic, because it auto starts sometimes when you're not there. Sorry, that's pushing the definition of dynamic in this context. It's no more dynamic than my central heating pre-programmed schedule. It's barely any different to WAR's public quests, amazing as they were.

It has art design that is mostly aimed slightly above Harry fucking Potter, yeah, those kids books you think it's cool for adults to read. Wake up you dong, they're not, they are kids books, for kids. See what Arenanet think of you? They think you're 8 years old. However it also steps quite happily into My Little Pony too with it's cutesy pixie spunk bubble gnome race and smattering of cartoony colour pallet shite. They think you're 8 years old and a girl.

Best PvP EVAR! Scenarios, battlegrounds, whatever..... exactly the same as every sodding game since WoW rubber stamped the format of instanced PvP. Boring. Every class is ranged and range is king. Were they trying to make a shooter? Are they trying to compete with Planetside 2 already? WTF? How shite is that? They can't even properly balance melee against ranged, so they give everyone ranged options. And they didn't even have the bottle to make proper factions, it's servers... yeah, great. What a load of character packed in.. brilliant. Whole WvWvW scene will die within 6 months due to apathy, it's natural dullness, lack of soul and the release of games with proper factions. Wank. Actually no it won't. because of no sub fee and most of the game's population not being old enough to own a credit card, I guess they can't go elsewhere anyway. Unless they can convince daddy to pay their sub fee for a proper game.

Guild Wars 2, AKA a dull, flat and soulless experience for 8 year old girls. Anyone hyping this game is an idiot.

Now that would be a bit more of a hate post. I could do better, but I just knocked this out in 10mins, so that's all you get. See the difference?

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Memories of WAR 1

Thanks to Valdel for linking this classic video from the old days in WAR. Much of the joke will be lost on those not from Hirn/Norn.

Dreddz responds to accusations of aura abuse

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