Monday 20 April 2009

Your instance is full

Today we saw the fruits of lots of planning, coordination and hard work, as destruction took 2 forts down within seconds of each other and the Altdorf siege began. Except for 1 big problem.

Your instance is full.

We had joined the right way, with our warband leader joining the queue first. Straight away it pops up saying our instance is full. Not one single person from our warband is in Altdorf. We've been waiting ages now.

So despite having got to Altdorf, we can't actually go there. After 1.2.1 getting to IC or Altdorf on Karak Norn is hard work, we've got a very competitive server these days. Yet all that time and effort for nothing. And I've just heard that Order players are complaining of the same thing, so they can't get in either. WTF? Both sides have warbands of players that want to fight in the city siege, but the game won't let us.

To quote an alliance member:
A "your instance is full" pop up message is not a valid end game
Mythic this is not good enough. I have had to post too many negative things lately, I don't like it. Sort it out.

Update! We got in by having everyone leave the warband, queue solo and then reform it inside. Ok its cool we got in, but that's just bloody stupid. Our instance was full, yet it let us in solo with EXACTLY the same number of players to EXACTLY the same instance. LOL :P

Update 2!
Zone crash.

Update 3!
Can't get back in, no matter what I try :(

Update 4!
Finally got back in. Wish I hadn't tbh. We got Lord on last stage of the PQ to 11% and the zone just crashed...
Forgot to mention the CTDs earlier. Sigh... What a waste of my time this was.


  1. Indeed, the entrance into contested cities looks very much the same for order as well, with lots of people standing outside the door, not knowing if they're gonna get in or not. We found a few ways to work around the bugged queueing system, which I may inform you of some other time when I'm not as tired. :)

  2. How lucky we are to pay $15/m to beta test WAR. O_o

  3. well that just sucks, plain and simple

  4. Yeah not the best end for the evening tbh :P I forgot to mention that prior to getting to Altdorf, once the forts were under attack people were experiencing that breakdancing character teleport lag again. Mythic really need to address this fast.

    Kolapz, I'd be most interested to hear how you got it to work. :)

  5. Nothing sensational really. Rather than queueing solo and reforming the warband inside, risking that some people get left behind, we get one person inside an instance. He then tells us how many Order are inside and if there's enough room for our warband, he makes one, we all join on him and get inside. It isn't fail proof either, but worked fine for us so far.

  6. Also, I forgot to say, we usually wait 10-15 minutes before attempting to join, as the first few instances that open up usually get filled up rapidly fast with PUGs and randoms and there's surely not enough room for our warband in there.

    On another note, in between the 1st and the 2nd Altdorf crash we were in an instance with what seemed 2 PUGs of destro, but with people from all of the, what are considered by the general population, good guilds like Kill Frenzy, CIR, Blood Rose, Decadence and some others. Lotsa fighting was going on and most of us agreed that we had loads of fun, despite the horrific lag. Imagine how much fun city sieges would be if there was none!

  7. I was in that WB Kolapz, and indeed it was lots of fun disregarding the lag.

    I still wonder everyday, what is up with this terrible lag? I remember beta/early release keepfights in tier 2 with alot of people and almost nog lag at all (only problem i had performance wise was by graphics card clogging up).
    Are Mythic and GOA aware of this problem? Its something i wonder everyday :(


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