Friday 3 April 2009

Stat Adjustment pondering

Was chatting with some mates about this stat adjustment proposal yesterday, very mixed opinions.

I quite like the idea, as at the moment there's just too many irrelevant stats and I don't see it meaning I'll need to re-gear myself much. Other tanks I spoke to also seemed to like it, but some of the DPS nutters I chatted with were quite concerned. At the moment they've mainly stacked things like say Strength and Wounds, but to maintain decent crit damage with these possible changes they would also need to get a load of Weapon skill somehow. Apparently requiring quite dramatic changes to their current equipment.

It seems like the toughness change would fit in very easily, its not game breaking and I imagine those that would want the benefit already have a lot of toughness (i.e. tanks), but perhaps this isn't the case for stats related to damage. I've not seen any PTS feedback on it yet, but it's sounding like this could be a delicate one to get right. Here's hoping...


  1. Man this patch is going to be reaaalll interesting

  2. I'm pretty confidant that the stat adjustments are not going into 1.2.1, rather they are just testing them currently.


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