Thursday 2 April 2009

Chosen - Rending Blade nerfed, Dread mastery ruined again

- Rending Blade: This ability’s tooltip now correctly states that the ability is undefendable. Additionally, this ability’s reuse has increased and the cost has been lowered.
It's a 5 second reuse timer. Bah! :( 1.2 nerfed Chosen's single target DPS to the point of being useless, but with Rending Blade (if we specced for it) we had respectable AoE DPS and the range helped us deal with runners.

It made up for the nerf to Touch of Palsy, Cleave STILL not working and the weakening of all our other single target abilities. This 5 second has now basically killed the Dread tree again. :(

This post by Zaknarakh sums up the problems in each patch perfectly:

I don't expect my Chosen to be a top DPSer, but if I spec high in the Dread (DPS) tree, use a great weapon and build my armour up around strength, etc , then I expect my DPS to be pretty good. I have after all sacrificed a lot of survivability to do this and yes I know we're primarily a tank class, but we have the option to use great weapons for a reason. We don't want to go back to them being pointless and everyone speccing Discord again, but that is what's going to happen. Ravage is once again our only ability with any clout at all and that's not what it once was either. :(

What Mythic should have done to Rending Blade was just reduce the size of it's AoE effect to 20ft.

They also need to make Touch of Palsy worth using, it's our level 40 ability for crying out loud. At present as a Chosen you get "Ding 40! Uhm wtf is this shit?"

And for all that's unholy, why is Cleave, our undefendable skill, defendable? And why does it do a LOT worse damage than Ravage, even if you have full Dread and bugger all Discord?

Bloody hell :(

BTW I know I don't normally rant, so sorry :P


  1. wanna cry :(

    i love my 2H


    by Sadò

  2. Gonna try to live it up this weekend, and back to the ole sword and board

  3. I've gone back to sword and board today anyway. Gonna try out a disrupt spec, see how it does.


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