Monday, 27 April 2009


I'm in the worst IC city siege I've ever been in. We're facing the usual who's who of Order that I always seem to end up against, which would be fine if it wasn't for the most pathetic Destruction performance I have ever seen.

Lets all run through one doorway and get farmed, yes that's a good idea... sigh.

There was a few attempts at going round the side from people, but the amount of times I ended up on a solo flank attack was just depressing. The poor sods on our side that tried to organise things were just ignored.

Double sigh.


  1. It happens to Order as well dear Bootae. The key is teamwork, and lack thereof. That same group you're running into is more than likely in an alliance. I can attest to the performance differences when an alliance warband is running against a pug, and vice versa.

    Pugs suck. Don't do it if you can help it...

  2. should have joined mine, order cried.

  3. Absolutely Grimnir. These guys are from Order's Ineffables alliance, we know them well from our days on Karak Hirn. I'm myself normally in alliance or guild warbands, makes the world of difference indeed.

    The odd thing is when we're in guild or alliance warbands we always end up against that particular Order alliance. I suspect because a lot of Destruction just leave the instance when they see them :( Well I say suspect, actually I know for sure, since I've seen it happen multiple times. Which is a shame because whilst it means it won't be a loot farming instance, it will be a good scrap.

    However, yesterday I was a bit late getting sorted for various reasons and decided to join a PuG in IC. Won't make that mistake again :P

    Tufmudda, yeah mate. I think next time I'm going solo I will just do a /join Snorth :D


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