Friday 17 April 2009

Very brief 1.2.1 impression

I'm busy playing so not got time to say too much, but so far:

In keep takes and other oRvR I'm actually able to run with spell effects set to show all. Not done a fort take yet, but had some big fights and its running well.

Not getting the out of range shit at all anymore. And the Witch Elf I am grouped with is almost wetting himself with glee now that his class works again.

Tokens, dropping at what is IMHO a reasonable rate. I think some of the people whinging are expecting full invaders in like a day or something, that and have short memories of gear grinding in other MMOs. People I'm playing with and talking on vent now, are all happy as things are.

So far so good.

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  1. Something I've yet to quite grasp, is how people can cry about the "slow" medallion drops, and having to /roll against a warband of people...

    I did 4 scenarios, rolled on a dozen medallions, and won 3. Took about an hour, sounds good to me.
    Went out in oRvR, solo'd 6 players, looted 3 medallions.

    If someone manages to grab an Invader piece within a week, I'll call it broken.


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