Improving your ping and killing lag

Lag in games is a pain in the arse. Nobody likes to ragequit because of a bad connection to game servers, but most of us have (or will) at some point. Dying due to lag gets old fast and there's nothing worse than losing in PvP because some players seem to do everything that extra bit faster. Plus nobody wants to be that annoying git in the raid that always lags into mobs... yeah you know the type ;)

MMORPG launches in particular suffer from extreme lag due to everyone being in the same zones at the same time and loads of players competing to kill those mobs... And you know what the Guild Wars 2 launch is going to be like! Of course that's just the extra stress at launch, yet many people suffer with bad latency at all times. A common problem these days is the way ISPs use traffic shaping, which (amongst things) is categorising the data travelling over your connection and priotising it how they see fit. Unfortunately this can mean your ISP totally shafts your connection to MMO servers, despite everything else like websites seeming fine. For example there were the problems myself and other Virgin Media users had with World of Warcraft and Warhammer Online earlier this year.

If you want a bit of an advantage and a solution for the above problems then it is well worth downloading WTFast Lagkiller for free right now and seeing if that sorts things out for you. The app picks the fastest route from your computer to the game server using PingCraft's advanced global server network and can prevent ISP traffic shaping causing problems, it's what's known as a proxy or tunneling service. Basically the end result is that it greatly improves your responsiveness in the game.

In the past I've had severe lag problems in games, like World of Warcraft when I played on the EU Doomhammer server (or laghammer as we used to call it) and as someone that has been both a hardcore raider and PvPer I sure as hell know the frustration caused by lag spikes. So if you want a Guild Wars 2 lag fix, or improved responsiveness for almost any other MMORPG then I would definitely recommend giving WTFast a shot. You should instantly notice a difference. And if you think I'm just trying to sell a placebo or blag you, well WTFast has a free trial so you've got nothing to lose. Follow this link to try it out.

Oh and it supports ALL games that are TCP based, which thankfully is pretty much every MMORPG, so it works for WoW, RIFT, Aion, EVE, Star Trek Online and more.

Since I'm recommendig people try out WTFast Lagkiller if they have problems with lag, I figured I should report my results from the SWTOR live servers. Without Lagkiller running I had a latency fluctuating between 46 and 87ms (which is quite reasonable), but with it on my ping lowers and the range stabilises to between 21 and 38ms. So whilst it's not a monumental change (because of my already fairly low ping), it does show a clear improvement and these proxy tunneling services tend to have a much greater impact on higher pings. The worse your lag problem the greater the improvement should be. Which makes a huge difference for my connection to Star Trek Online (yeah, I'm strangely hooked to that game...) and since I was playing SWTOR on a PvP server obviously a slightly smoother connection was nothing to complain about.

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