Saturday 25 April 2009

One of those moments of RvR awesomeness

So last night there was all sorts of action going on across Tier 4, I was logged in with Gashface my choppa and decided on going to Black Crag with an alliance warband (we're part of The Evil League of Evil). The zone was rapidly turning blue as Order appeared to be pushing for a lock, giving us a lot of options, but since one of the guilds in our alliance had claimed Ironskar keep in the north, we decided we best try and hold it. As we rode through the winding canyons the alarm sounded, 21 enemies were attacking Ironskar. Clearly we'd made the right decision to push for the last Destruction controlled area.

At that point we had around the same number in our warband, so rather than rush inside the keep, we planned on charging the Order from behind. They were like lambs to the slaughter (or is that Slaughtererer? Nornians will get that :P ).

They must have been a PuG not using voice comms, because it was an utter, horrific massacre. We romped through their healer camp, cutting a bloody swathe through their lines and forced the rout in moments. Much cackling was heard on our ventrilo, but we knew we'd been lucky to face unorganised opponents. We withdrew to the keep and waited to see what Order did next.
We didn't have to wait that long, as shortly after roughly half of the same bunch returned. A group of us melee types went out to deal with them, which we were in the middle of doing when we heard yelled from the keep walls (ok ventrilo) something along the lines of "Order! Bleedin' thousaaaands of 'em!".

Those of us outside left the small combat outside and ran like buggery for the keep door. A few of us were cut down, but thankfully in res range.

We were now up to a full warband, there was about 1 group of random Destruction that had just arrived and a shit load of Order had arrived. GAME ON!

From here on there are so many tales of awesome PvP combat I could tell you, but this post would become insanely long. We successfully held the keep against 86 Order with just our warband and six others, almost 3-1 odds and we held. It was truely epic, we dragged the fight out for over and hour by destroying every battering ram they deployed and using coordinated melee assaults to clear the doorway... Their ninja teams were caught and killed everytime, were gave no quarter. We rained death from above and thrust sharp pointy sticks in their squishy bits. I saw some of the most gung ho ressurection missions ever as our brave Disciples of Khaines accompanied by melee fighters rushed into the enemy to retrieve our fallen. In the end as the door respawned, we wiped them to a man and won a monstrous defence bonus (don't remember the numbers, but it was BIG).

I can't do the fight justice, it was the best defence I've been on since the early days on Karak Hirn. I salute all my follow Destruction that earnt their victory and also the Order who didn't give up despite our brutal defence. Wether you were on the winning or losing side, it still provided a long and entertaining battle.

It's nights like this that show how awesome WAR can be.

PS it also meant I got 1.5 more levels of renown and finally got to equip my Annhilator chest and helm ;) Just need the shoulders now. "Woot"! or some other such geeky expression :P


  1. Wish i'd been there :(

    Joined the warband just in time to see that it was all over :(


  2. Bah, I knew you'd have to leave us out from some of your posts, too much opposition praising isn't good for realm pride I guess :P I missed that particular keep defense, seems like it was awesome fun though. I'd like to mention an epic moment (cause I'm just that egotripping :D ) near the destro warcamp in BC. Myself, Darrier and Argee were lurking for some small groups to fight as they respawn from your warcamp. Killed a few packs of 4-5 destro. All of the sudden 10 of you (it probably was less, I often see double in fights, but it wasn't less than 8, of that i am sure)start running out of the warcamp and we were like: "Oh shi-". The fight started and it was epic. I clearly remember seeing you and Calana, don't know who else was involved, my apologies. Fact is, we wiped you. Right as the fight finished, the 3 of us got a scenario pop which we joined in and went to sleep after it. It was one of the big moments for us and it made the decision easier - I'm sticking with WAR for a long time.

    Cheers if you read this egotripping wall of text.

  3. Hah yeah I remember that, it was when we were trying to get back up North for a later defence of Ironskar after the events I posted about. There was only 3 of us from my warband I think, but there was a load of other random Destro moving alongside us. So 8 or 9 sounds about right.

    In our group we didn't have a healer in range at that point(they were up north), but with all the other destro around us we figured it wouldn't matter. So we went in quite confidently to just burn you down. LOL

    Oh how wrong we were :P How that bloody rune priest kept you up I don't know, very impressive. And of course since there's a few of you Shadow Warriors that hit like sodding trains... ouch. Dunno what was going on with the other Destro, it seemed only me and Cal attempted to focus fire... which meant you guys just took us apart big time. Was kinda embarassing :P So yeah your turn to win with 3-1 odds :D

    Have to say I hate fighting Shadow Warriors with Gashface. It seems lately that since people started crying that Shadow Warriors are gimped, the rubbish players quit to the FOTM and left all you buggers who know how to play...

    It's funny, for some reason if Kill Frenzy go anywhere, do IC/Altdorf, whatever, we ALWAYS end up against Ginnunga, Committee, etc. We were laughing about it in Altdorf last night. We only had 1 group of KF on that late, and lo and behold we were in the same instance as a load of your guys. lol evertime I swear :P

  4. Haha yes, we do seem to bump into each other a lot lately. I went off to sleep last night as soon as you took your 1st fortress, which was around 1:20 AM.

    Argee is a WP, not an RP, which might answer how he held us up :P Yes, the random destro that were running alongside you were quite dreadful to be honest. There were 3 healers and a squishy caster in the back. We ran to take them out first, as obviously, we didn't know if they were part of your warband or not. They dropped like flies as we both had our morale 2 (100% more damage for 7 seconds) up. Turned around and we see 3 choppas and Calana chasing our healer around >.< Luckily, he's a tough fella.

    Was truly epic, indeed.

    Yes, what you say about Shadow Warriors is true. The crappy ones rerolled, only a handful of us are still around. I'm flattered you're putting me in the same bracket as Darrier, Raynolf, Thesadclown and the others. I don't think I'm anywhere near skill-wise to them though.

    Anyways, I'll see you and Kill Frenzy around, mate. It shouldn't take more than a few hours before we bump into each other somewhere again. :P


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