Thursday 30 April 2009

Rubbish new GOA CSR policy regarding loot

A bit of a rant coming up, I'm going to get all emo about missing pixels. So I'll apologise now. Sorry ;)

This week I won my first ever loot bag in a fortress. However the chest wasn't visible to myself and several others winners. I raise a help ticket for a CSR, surely they must be able to reimburse us. I'd presumed they would have logs they can access for contentious things like fort loot. It would be, you know, like a sensible thing to have.

CSR response via email much later was this:

Dear Customer,

After investigating your case we regret to inform you that we are unable to restore your loot bag. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.
As we can understand this can be frustrating, this issue will be escalated to our quality assurance department for further investigation, in the hope that we can avoid this situation in the future.

For any further issues please do not hesitate to contact us via the ingame appeal system.

Kind Regards,

Warhammer Europe Customer Service Team.

Obviously I was not happy about this at all. I know several people that have previously had missing or unlootable gold bags mailed to them. Hell, even people that didn't loot cos they were bloody dead or outside the keep have had them replaced in the past. So I raised another ticket to point this out and that this is purely the game at fault, so why don't I get equal treatment. This time a GM gets back to me quite quickly. Alas, he simply says that their policy has changed and they don't replace loot bags anymore "sorry". Hmm that's a crap new policy, but ok...

Unfortunately, the tale doesn't end there. Today I was the only choppa in an alliance warband when the Conqueror choppa gloves drop. I click need, everyone else clicks pass or greed. But oh joy, nothing happens. No rolls, nothing. The loot simply vanishes into the ether. Ok thinks I, this is a different situation, I'll raise a CSR ticket and hope for the best...

Dear Customer

You recently placed a support request concerning a missing item. We are sorry to hear that you have lost an item, however until further notice we are not reimbursing items in your situation. Should you require further assistance please feel free to place another support request.

Kind Regards,

WAR European Customer Support Team


Ok excuse caps, but this needs saying loud.


In both situations the game screwed up. Nothing to do with players doing anything dodgy or stupid, the game simply cocked up delivering the loot. Yet the CSR's wont do anything? WTF is that about?

Considering the various issues being leapt on by disgruntled rage quitters of late, the last thing Mythic/GOA need to be doing is pissing us about when the bugs skank our loot. Either replace things or get rid of the option in the help menus, because at the moment it just raises false hope only to replace it with annoyance. Alternatively, make it so loot doesn't bug out. Whilst discussing this I discovered it's not exactly unusual. :(

What makes this doubly annoying is now that you can't buy any conqueror, etc for gold, it's now MUCH more difficult to get the gear. The token system takes ages to get any armour with, compared with how you couold quickly get a couple of bits before. Which means if the items drop from players, crap like this is immensly annoying. I am not paying 650g for conqueror gloves from the auction house.

It's easier to get bloody invader for crying out loud.


  1. Here you go ( This might give you a little insight, though I doubt it will make you feel any better.

    These poor saps are obviously in too much love with their gear grind and feel that by giving you certain items, you might quit once you're fully decked.

  2. Send an e-mail to dispute (or disputes, not sure) I understand you are under the thumb of GoA, but at least advise them of this. Maybe they can point you in the direction of GoA Dispute centre. Its crap. I've had a similar experience with missing loot myself (Sent Shoulders) and had to wait 4 weeks before a reply.
    I feel your pain.

  3. In a recent patch gloves are now a random drop like boots. You should start seeing them in the AH soon ... but not at the measley 10g they once were priced but some outrageously high price a player is setting.

    A friend just got Annihilator Gloves for his AM and it cost him 200g. Not sure what Choppa gloves would go for or what server you are on.

    Good luck.


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