Sunday 19 April 2009

What a difference (for the worse) a day makes

Bloody rollercoaster ride this patch.

The game was running beautifully in Lost Vale, a really big improvement with almost zero slowdown due to spell effects, etc. Very cool. I also finally got a Darkpromise Helm and was a happy bunny obviously, but then a few things happened that suck royally.

We started on N'kari and confirmed what others have been saying, it would seem to be impossible to do as things stand (unless you are REALLY lucky). Her Circle of Pain effects has a much wider AoE than the graphics represent and is doing stupidly high damage. On my Chosen I was getting hit for 2.3k, thats not so bad apart from when you get hit by multiple at once because of the size of the AoE. It's even worse when one spawns on a healer, hitting them for 5k BEFORE the graphic has even appeared and then the follow up tick finishes them off.

I simply do not believe Mythic tested Lost Vale properly for 1.2.1, it feels like someone has changed lines of code and not bothered to see what it happened. If they think they did, then they need to do a serious review of their internal testing procedure. With my own job one of my many oh so exciting duties is I'm heavily involved with testing and acceptance of pretty complex software in the public sector, it's a bloody nightmare let me tell you. So I fully understand how for many things you won't know if the translation from your test to your live system will work out, until you get it on live. You think it would, but it doesn't always work like that.
However, instanced boss fights with are very controlled environments, with set phases and events, that are easily tested. I do not understand how this, Gorak and the butcher can be so broken. It's not as if WAR has many end game dungeons, Mythic need to get this right and at present it's simply not good enough.

We tried N'kari a few times, same shit kept happening so we gave up and decided to go oRvR. And discovered that tonight on Karak-Norn Tier 4 oRvR had became unplayable....

Order were on a huge offensive, decimating Caledor as we arrived and in massive numbers. I think it was probably the most Order I've ever seen in one keep. The lag was horrific. Really odd crap was happening, I'd see players sort of vibrating one the spot for about 5-10 seconds and then teleporting away and entire warbands worth of players vanishing and reappearing. After a few laggy deaths, somehow I made it to the inner keep which is when it really went to rat shit.

Order got into the lord room and every single enemy player vanished for about 45 seconds. Confused we thought at first it was a server crash, but as we were still taking damage from them it clearly wasn't . Everyone on alliance vent was just laughing at how pathetic this was on the game's behalf. Then Order capped the fort and Caledor crashed properly. The laughter soon turned into a mixture of sardonic amusement or irritation.

Then the rollbacks started. I've not logged in with Bootae yet to see if I've lost that DP helm... Please note this is AFTER the emergency maintenance that supposedly fix things. If anyone works out what it fixed, I'd love to know.

Not good Mythic, not good at all. You need to hotfix like buggery chaps, because at the moment whilst I love this game, I can not defend this sort of crap.

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