Tuesday 1 June 2010

WAR, cowboy hats and a crap Klingon

It's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK, followed by a half-term break so I'm off work looking after my daughter for a few days and actually finding it tricky to get writing time (work lunch-breaks are my main source of time). Anyways, a few things happened worth a mention.

I've been back in Tomb of the Vulture for the first time since the patch. Unfortunately it's been pretty frustrating again...
  • 3rd boss is still glitchy and has an all new bug! He wouldn't come down from the balcony after completing the previous PQ stages, which meant we had to reset the instance and do that boring (far too long) PQ again.
  • Standing on the tablets at the 4th boss to release people is still broken.
  • Mobs at 5th boss are still not clearing agro correctly after resetting, plus it still has the ridiculous bug where if you kill a shield carrying mob too quickly, the guard doesn’t clear from the other mobs.
  • The 6th boss/es still take too far long, very dull and all a bit pointless.
  • 7th boss is a LOT easier now and is a much better fight for it. Mythic really haven’t got pathing for mobs down (you see it in DAoC too), so removing the majority of the kiting is a good thing.
  • 8th boss… hmmm had some weird stuff tonight. Like me getting hit for a total of 10.9k in 1 second, with the normal attacks, not due to a cock up on our behalf. I was getting hit a lot harder than normal tonight, not sure why.
  • The dungeon is still suffering from horrible, horrible lag. It’s hugely affected by zone locks and so on from the outside world, which you always see reflected in the dungeon by lag spikes for everyone. Though there’s also just a general lag problem, at least on the EU servers. It’s very noticeable on the new 7th boss fight actually, if you knock down one of the cousin mobs it will normally fall over behind you…

Elsewhere in WAR, my Zealot is almost at the magic level 39 and war-tract activating time for the free level for 40. Still really liking the class, it feels much more potent than my Shaman does. If I get jumped by an enemy on my heal-specced Shaman I can usually escape, but it takes ages to kill them with kiting. The Zealot has a fair bit more punch, or so it seems anyway.

In other news, I went to Collectormania in the immensely bland city of Milton Keynes. Whilst I (obviously as a WAR blogger and self confessed Warhammer lore whore) am well aware of my inner geek, this was a bit too far over the line for me, but my wife and daughter are insane Doctor Who fans and were dead set on going because of a few people they wanted to see. Turns out it was hilarious, mainly because of how diabolically bad some of the costumes were and the delusional state of some people who really, really thought they looked exactly like Doctor Who, Boba Fett, Klingons, etc. Still even if it made a bitchy old twat like me laugh, I’m sure they were having fun, so nobody hurt there I guess. Plus it was at MK Dons stadium and they had some matches on so I got to watch football too, bonus! Oh and all the celebs we spoke to were really sound and nice to my daughter who had gone a bit shy (she's only 7), so that was cool,

My favourite moment of the day was walking through the crowd when this girl walks past and I hear her say “I don’t know why he dumped me, I’m not that much into Star Trek”. She was in a full Captain Janeway costume at the time :D

Here’s a few pics of the good and the baaaaaaad.

These guys had some really decent costumes.
This picture doesn't get across quite how bad this costume was in the flesh. The plastic Mars bar on his head was a different colour from his skin paint... Seriously, it was comedy gold. Oh and whilst she may have a temper like one, it's my wife on the right and the Klingon on the left. In case you were tempted to make the obvious which one is your wife gag :P
There were a lot of people who thought they looked like Doctor Who. But this guy was really showing off and acting like he was David Tennant himself. Alas he looked about 14 and it didn't quite work, bless his cotton socks. Fair play for trying ;) Love the retro Dalek though.
Meow! Boots you're such a bitch.
Finally, I got a PS3 and Red Dead Redemption. So I'm busy shooting cowboys, chewing tobacco and looking mean. I highly recommend you get this game. It's awesome.


  1. lolz @ Klingon

    Bobba Fett looks a little short for a Bounty Hunter!

  2. Yep Vulture lord still screwy, big shame. You never said about this geekfest ? i was shocked to see Sal go within 100feet of the place :) Bet Rosie loved it though :D

  3. over all I like RDR but oooh the grafic bugs are just busting my nuts, I really hate that! especialy on console games.

  4. Anon - hah yeah. There were a lot of Boba Fetts, some of whom appear to have made their costumes out of plastic bags from Tesco :D

    Filth - Mate she's totally turned into a Doctor Who uber-geek, is funny as owt. I've got so much ammunition now muhahaha :D

    Khalie - Not seen any graphic bugs so far... heard about them ofc.


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