Monday 28 June 2010

GOA to Mythic FAQ

Can be found here.

Can't comment now because of work, but thought I should post the link quickly!


  1. I'm glad they plan to offer transfers - or so it appears - in the long run

  2. It looks like there will be in character progression limbo for about a week. Which is annoying, but the free couple of weeks will be nice.

    I hope to be seeing an email from GOA, telling me this information soon.

  3. Yeah, I feel sorry for all of you who're going to get halted for a week, though I'm glad they're at least reimbursing your game time and giving you 2 free weeks

  4. Where's the section about the free couple of weeks?
    Looked through that FAQ a couple of times and can't find it.
    ...So if i'm reading it right my Direct Debits gonna get canned and I'm going to have to buy game time from EA store instead? ....And I can't pay in Stirling any more only euros? Hassle! Unless I'm reading it wrong...hopefully

  5. TBH after the billing screw up in the US, I'm not complaining about buying game time. Well, not yet.

  6. From the Herald post: "All game play during this period will be free for existing subscribers and current European subscribers will receive two weeks of free game play beginning 7th July."

    I'm not sure where I got the reimbursement thing from, but that's where the two free weeks is fron


    I forgot to include a link in my last comment!


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