Wednesday 30 June 2010

More 1.3.6 career changes revealed

The post by Nate Levy can be found here.

If you cba to click the link, here's what is says and my comments included in red:

Continuing with our "In Development" posts for patch 1.3.6, we're now ready to begin discussing some upcoming changes to several other careers. Just as before, we greatly appreciate your feedback and interest, and we will be heavily moderating this thread to ensure that discussions remain civil and constructive.

  • A new ability, "Sudden Shift", is now trainable at Rank 3. This ability will instantly shift you from No Balance into Improved Balance, or from Improved Balance into Perfect Balance, or from Perfect Balance into Improved Balance. It is off of the global cooldown, and has a 5 second cooldown of its own.

 Black Orc:
  • A new ability, "Changin' Da Plan", is now trainable at Rank 3. This ability will instantly shift you from No Plan into Da Good Plan, or from Da Good Plan into Da Best Plan, or from Da Best Plan into Da Good Plan. It is off of the global cooldown, and has a 5 second cooldown of its own.

 This is an improvement obviously for both SM and Blorcs, but is it enough? I think it might be, but I'd like to hear the thoughts of experienced T4 SM/Blorc players.

Black Guard:
  • Crush The Weak is moving to Rank 35, and it will now reduce the victim's chance to critically hit based on Hate.
  • Brutal Smash is moving to Rank 9, and it will now increase Strength, and Willpower based on Hate, for both the Black Guard themselves and their Protected ally.
  • Feeding On Weakness will now increase Toughness instead of Strength.
  • Furious Howl is moving to Rank 40.
  • Horrific Wound is moving to Rank 12, and it will now reduce the victim's armor based on Hate.

 All good, the Black Guard has needed some love for a long time. Alas this is being ignored as people are up in arms that there is no mention of a fix to the Choking Fury bug, nothing something I know much about, but apparently its very powerful. Remember folks, no mention of a bug fix in a post about career changes doesn't mean it isn't getting fixed.

White Lion:
  • Force Opportunity is moving to be available at 9 points in the Path of the Hunter, and its effect has been changed. It is now an undefendable attack which reduces the victim's armor.
  • Echoing Roar is moving to be available at 5 points in the Path of the Guardian.

 I don't know the career well enough for personal opinion, but I'm told these are good changes.

  • Can't Stop Da Chop has had its effect changed, and it will now reduce incoming healing on the victim. It now costs 15 Action Points, and has a 10 second cooldown.
Hmmm. This brings it more in line with the Slayer, that's no problem for me or my Choppa. I'm savage specced at the moment for farming saccelum for alts, but I'm more often Hitta specced anyway as I think its more interesting to play. Not arguing against the change, but I am kinda wondering what will be a Savage choppas main attack after this though, this will mean there is no longer a spammable savage main attack, well... other than two that dont really count (a crappy DoT and a behind target only attack). Constant cooldown dancing instead?

Looking forward to hearing more stuff in the hopefully near future.


  1. Gorefist/Eldard30 June 2010 at 16:55

    Well to be honest i been playing sm/bo ever since Beta

    My self i count this as a quick fix on a problem that should of been sorted ages ago the mechanic dose need to be fixed or scraped for some thing new

    Personaly this is not gunna fix the sm/bo problems

  2. I'm glad they're giving the WL a little bit of love, and the changes make sense. It's gonna be nice to have an interrupt with the pet. Makes taking down DoKs SO much easier!

  3. But... but... but... you CAN'T stop da chop! Now what low AP cost spammable skill will they have? Zomg, you mean they'll have to use something else?


  4. Question is Grim, what else? I don't personally think its that bad a nerf, just a bit puzzled how pure savage specs will work.


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