Tuesday 22 June 2010

Unforgettable, that’s what you are...

I don’t think Nat King Cole really had this in mind when he sang that little ditty, sorry Nat fans, but I’m talking about those unforgettable, geek out, WAR gaming moments. You know the ones, where something epicly-uber-OMFG-like-wow-dude happens and you end up telling the tale to bemused (and possibly somewhat concerned for your mental well-being) friends. It’s more than likely that most people won’t find them that amazing, or even interesting, they’re probably just “you had to be there” moments. Heh, maybe so, but if you’re reading this then you most likely have an avid interest in MMOs and I bet that YOU know what I’m talking about. ;)

How about I share with you one of mine and in return you relive some of your special times? For the benefit of my guildies, when I say “your special times” I do not mean anything to do with Diggler, Zoggy and that ketchup bottle. And Filthiusia, just don’t go there.

Ok so this was many months ago now… It was all kicking off in Riekland in a big way, carnage everywhere and my Chosen was in the thick of it laying the smacketh down. I was right in the middle of a sprawling melee atop one of the hills, where the fight had been raging for a while, but slowly Order were starting to fold. I was fighting a Bright Wizard when he realised the fight was starting to go our way. Suddenly he bottled it, turned and sprinted away from me, I gave chase but he went straight for the cliff edge, flung himself off and landed somehow alive and stuck half way down the cliff. No doubt cackling at his lucky escape and blagging himself an utterly impossibly to reach position.

Being a gung-ho and somewhat aggressive player (read: stupid), I leapt off the cliff after him. I instantly knew I had jumped too far, but somehow I managed to spin my character around in mid air and as I fell past his untouchable position, I RAVAGED him (uppercase for the ravage haters) right in the face! WAAAAGH! Oh yes baby, killing blow in the face while falling down a cliff! I landed on the floor below with about 100 hit points to spare and laughed my arse off :D

Obviously I didn't think to screenshot it mid flight, so this will have to do.

So come on folks, lets hear some tales of glory or nonsense, big or small, whatever, just the things you will always remember. Like the first time someone got stuck in the cage when a Dark Elf battle objective locked and you spammed /lol at them, come on, you know you did...


  1. Hahah epic post dude :)

    there were so many epic funny moments in war... but when i have to recall them i can't for some reason.... weird...

    only one was during an LV run our tank fell down a cliff.... we could not res him so he ran back... only to fall down at exactly the same spot... OMGG we almost killed ourselfs laughing....

  2. lolz

    Someone AOE knockbacked a destro warband on DW bridge when i was under it. Its raining Chosen halleujah!

  3. My god. If you had started the post with ... Ravage FTW. I would have skipped this one. I'm glad I read it. I approve this as the only story to involve ravage and be epic.

    My greatest moment was I was running to wrath's solo. I was jumped by 4 WEs, of course the most famous ones. I don't know how instinct or just lucky button smashing took place, but I was able to cast my renown antiCC ability, as a ran like a girl screaming across the bridge to our controlled BO, I was able to barely make it to the center, just as all the champs spawned. My moral 2 not only saved my life, but laid the finishing blow on all 4.

    It was the most renown I had ever received in under 10 mins.

    I don't smoke, but I wanted to in the successful 5 way that took place.

  4. 2 words SQUIG FRENZY!!!!

    Spat my beer over my keyboard when u lot in your full warband of squig armor squiggies BOUNCED out of the distance and attacked us in CW!

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44lqP4AvbEI is the video of it.

    Basically what happened, is we were doing the hard rank 40 PQ in Eataine. We had almost killed the final boss, he was at 1% remaining health when the timer ran out, as you can see, right when the timer stops, he dies, resulting in a terribad fail.

  6. Pugging in the old altdorf instance on my knight, had a stalemate at the central BO, and was getting bored. So I decided I'd charge into the zerg and see if I could do anything. Hit Shield of the Sun for the epic sword raise animation and charge forward. Right as I hit the destro line, they start blowing up, and as I look behind me I see the rest of our WB just followed my lead and charged in with me, and we proceed to take the point back. Coolest tank moment I've had so far- lead a spontaneous charge into enemy lines and live to tell the tale.

  7. I've had some good moments but the one that keeps coming back to me was perhaps the least epic but the most... well, memorable.

    You know those two houses in Nordenwatch, left of Barracks (left coming from the Destro spawn point). Well, somehow in the middle of the fight I stationed myself there to heal in peace. My field of vision was very limited. In fact, at the time, I could see absolutely nothing but sand, sea and house but I could hear the heavy maiming going on all around me.

    And it is then that a gobbo runs right in front of the gap, followed by a White Lion followed by a Chosen. It was like... so funny, I started hearing the Benny Hill song instantly. It was! You had to be there...

  8. Actually bumped into you and in an Altdorf Siege none-the-less yesterday. It was an EPIC siege and could have gone either way.

    I think stage 2 is basically free loot for the side that won the previous round.


  9. Heyas VPP :) Yeah I gave you a /wave or two. We both got a KB on each other too :D

    It was a great siege that one, I'd joined solo too so wasn't expecting much. Great fun.


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