Saturday 19 June 2010

Karate + Keyboards + Jabba The Hutt = ?

Oh yeah play it karate man play it!

Yeaaaaaah! Or perhaps not.

PS: Epic keep defences tonight on Norn and as it's our claimed keep I'm getting to see the number of Order... We're (that's KF, Tainted and a few others) outnumbered at least 2-1 and have thankfully managed to hold, until reinforcements have arrived. Youch! 2 full defences so far, but 3rd attack just started...

OK wiped us 3rd time, with 145, but considering we were only 2 groups of KF, a warband from Tainted's alliance and a group or two of others max, that was a given I think :D

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  1. This guy is pure genious and truly thinks out of the box. To make a song about Jabba The Hutt while combining it with a martial art dress in space is just so far out its nothing short of true brilliance!


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