Friday 25 June 2010

WAR EU - GOA to Mythic - Rumours

As you all will no doubt now know, GOA will no longer be managing WAR in Europe and we’re all being moved under Mythic’s direct control.

At the time of writing this post, unfortunately official news is scarce and it’s a bit hard to work out what is going to happen. Through a range of sources I’m hearing a lot of things, but as of yet Mythic have not directly confirmed anything much. On the Herald there is a mere one sentence, which confirms it is happening but not a lot else. I suspect from this that GOA have announced this before Mythic were expecting them too and they didn’t have a proper statement prepped up, wouldn’t be the first time GOA have done this. Since the announcement GOA staffers have said a few things on both WHA and the official forums.

I’m not going to list everything I’ve heard, nor am I going to reference sources, as they’re rather varied and some rumours are duplicated lots, plus I’m not at home and am writing this on my iphone, which is a pain in the arse to sort all the links with. :P So everything that follows comes from a mixture of respectable and more dubious places, as such it is not gospel and should be considered nothing but rumour for now. To be doubly clear, I’m just sharing the rumours, as that’s all we’ve got to go on at present.

- It was Mythic’s choice, reason unknown. However it is not due to financial problems or WAR’s imminent death, WAR EU is very profitable. (UPDATE not confident about the Mythic's choice bit)

- This was not a sudden or unexpected for either company; Mythic gave GOA notice a couple of months ago.(UPDATE see above)

- The EU servers are NOT being merged together or onto US servers. We will have our same players, guilds and alliances just on servers managed by Mythic. The communities of Karak-Norn, Azgal, will remain as is.

- The current Mythic WAR website will no longer just service the Americans and will be the international site, with EU players getting access.

- EA/Bioware/Mythic/whatever has access to servers in Germany that will be used to host WAR EU servers.

- EU class leaders and closed testers (or whatever you call it) will join the US equivalent scheme, the Oracles you see on US forums.

There are plenty of other rumours flying around, but they’re either very dubious or solo comments from random people I don’t know enough to want to quote. 

(update 2) Once more to make totally clear, these are just todays rumours. I'm hearing things already that throw doubt on many things. PS this blogger softeare hates bullet poitns AGH edited..

As for what I think about it… that will follow. Except one thing now… I don’t want my server merged. Karak Norn might be smothered in trolling arrogant bastards, but they’re our arrogant trolling bastards and when you put aside all the bollocks, our community is great. Very active too, we really don’t need transfers.

Anyways, I’ll post more ASAP. Hopefully Mythic will give us some info soon.


  1. If anything, I sure would love transfers...from my US server.

    I play mornings, and my servers are quite dead at that time (except for Tier 1 due to the endless trial crap), an EU server to join would be lovely (and I hear you Europeans are "mighty pleasant"...note US southern drawl here).


  2. @RankNville,

    Most are pleasant, but we certainly have our fair share of morons.

    Good info if correct Bootae.

  3. I'm hearing more now that throws doubt on some of those rumours.

  4. You don't think there will be server merges? I'm both in concert and conflict with you on this one. Initially, I don't think there will be, as they watch population levels and activity for a period, but in the future I think we're almost certain to see some merging.

    Whether this merging will be cross-continental remains to be seen, as that would create servers that are active at all times of day. I would imagine that in order to avoid latency issues they'll go with US merging with US and EU with EU, just to raise pop numbers, but that won't really do a great deal for those periods of inactivity, I don't think.

    I'm not sure we'll see selective server transfers, though - IE Destro from server 1 will be given the choice to transfer to server 3, whilst Order from server 2 can go to server 4.

  5. Ahh didn't say that's what I think, just reporting a few rumours ;)

    Saying that, Karak Norn definately does not need merging. Can't speak for other servers.

  6. My apologies, I read that wrong.

  7. One thing I do hope for is that if Mythic will take over the servers and the billing is that the European players can create characters on the US servers and vice versa.

    I would love to have a character on the US servers that I could play when it's not prime time in Europe, the EU servers are pretty dead then.

  8. Totally agree Biggs, if I were able to transfer I would probably leave 1 of my characters on my current server so I can go back when it's dead in Euro times.

  9. They will move the servers im very sure. They already done a practise run with DAoC servers from Germany.

    If i dont recall wrongly when EA fired Mark Jacobs they said their aim on subs was 300-350k.Earlier this month a EA guy slipped and said War had 200k subs which is 100-150 below their mark, and if the community in EU ever got below 30k subs they where leaning on closing EU servers down. Dont quote me on this as my memory can be bad sometimes.

    But time will tell i guess, do wish Mythic would open up their mouths to speak more on alot of subjects.

    Still no word on expansion, still no road map on what they are looking at in patches. All silence and way to little buzzing about the game.

  10. Don't worry about WAR subs mate. It's not an issue.

  11. Whilst fear leads to hate and hate leads to ice cream (or something) I just thought I would pop in with some optimism.

    So why would mythic even bother with this move? If war is dying How would taking over the last EU servers help a dying game? If the game is still bleeding subscribers it's far better to let nature take it's course. It's safe to say in this situation that yet more sever mergers wont help save the game nor do you need to boot out GOA merge them or not. Far better to kill it off and leave the blood on GOA's hands. So mythic are not booting GOA out because the game is going down the plug. Assuming mythic know this - Mythic are not booting out GOA because the game is dying because the game is not dying.

    Mythic would take over the EU servers if they thought the game was doing quite well and yet they (mythic) could make it do even more well. Mythic think the game can make money, that it has a future and that this is more likely to come true if Mythic are in charge.

    Okay VonPlinkPlonk, what is this future? Well someone has been a busy little squigy...

    Ignore the title (for now) and scroll down to the skaven... I see Stormvermin, Plague Monk, Grey Seer, Engineer.

    hmmm Tank, Mdps, Healer, Rdps.

    The best thing is these 4 careers are ALL Heroes in the table top game. Virtually every character in W:AR is a character in the table top game even if it just a special character. The witch hunter and the choppa are the only two exceptions I think of.

    So there you go folks. Mythic are moving all the pieces. 4 new skaven careers being bug tested and Mythic taking back the servers :)


  12. I really hope that they open up free character transfer. The reason I stopped playing in the first place was I mistakenly made my account on US servers, got upto 40/40 then found that i just couldnt get into pvp without an hour wait, the game became dull so i left. It wasnt the amount of people that was the problem just when they are on.

    If i could move from us to eu i would do it and mythic would have another subscriber on their books

  13. BTW I'm hearing now that I got it quite wrong and it's not down to Mythic. Guess we'll find out for sure next week.


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