Thursday 17 June 2010

Black Orc update – middle of tier 2

So far and still so good… Most of the time in Tier 2 I’ve been grouped with a Choppa and occasionally with a Zealot and Disciple of Khaine, all from Kill Frenzy. Where possible we’ve been running our little group around the sides of the main Destruction groups/warbands and with great success. Of course it’s only lower tier action, so the quality of opposition (and friendly) players is extremely varied and as such it is hard to judge how good the Black Orc actually is. It feels like an absolute monster, but I expect that is because of the whole fighting in lower tiers thing. Not that I care, since it has just been plain good fun.

Armour wise I’ve upgraded quite a lot. As I’m playing Gashcheese purely in PvP at the moment I wasn’t really getting any armour that wasn’t just the very basic green stuff from keeps, so I ran my Choppa through the Saccelum dungeons to get the repairable blue armour from there.

This is what I'm looking like now at level 16 and all tier 2 armour and weapons:

As you can see comparing with the end of tier 1 (image below), it’s made quite a big difference to my appearance and I’m really starting to look like a proper Black Orc.

A few levels away yet, but I’m hoping Tier 3 won’t be too much of a letdown after all this fun in Tier 2. I guess I’ll just power level out if so.


  1. That's great armour. If you want to feel unwhelmed just try on some elf armour, that will de man you straight away.

    He looks cool, which is vital.

  2. Tier 4 will be where you feel the pain rly. Big fighting = plan hell

  3. level faster ya slacker... t3 is boring with no proper gits to healer

  4. where did you find the shoulder pads in tier 1?

  5. Er that was about 1.5 years ago so can't quite remember mate sorry.


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