Thursday 17 June 2010

More layoffs at Mythic

Very few details known at the moment, it was announced via Josh Drescher's twitter and at present all we know is what he has said, so it could be just him, it could be more. No clue as of yet. However Josh has said a few things:

"Not EXACTLY how I expected the day to start: As of 11:00 AM today, I am no longer an employee of EA Mythic."

"FYI: I can't get into details (and, in fact, don't HAVE many more details), but it was a layoff. I wasn't fired and I still love Mythic. "

"Quick note, then I'm going offline for a while: WAR isn't dying. The game is better now than ever before and more goodness is on the way. "

Obviously despite Josh's assurance's otherwise, this is going to get the Prophets of Doom going into overdrive. I'll just say treat everything you read on forums and in region chat with a large pinch of salt.

As for Josh. Thanks for everything you've done with Mythic & WAR, it must have felt rather unappreciated at times. Good luck for the future old boy.


  1. Hate to hear when anyone loses their job. Period. I wish him all the best wherever he lands.

    I can't recall what Josh's position title was, but it was in management, right? If they were too top heavy a move like this is sometimes inevitable.

    If this is broader, it's an odd day for this type of thing ... usually they wait till Fridays.

  2. It's not what I wanted to hear. You can't help but cast this in a negative light. Either your doing well and can afford your staff, else your income isn't covering the bills, which isn't good.

    However it may well be EA, saying we need more profit, so suck it in.

  3. Exactly, what did he do there? 'nuff said.

  4. Having recently been made redundant myself, by a company that made there highest ever profit margin in the same financial year, its probably EA being greedy, aka like what happened to me

  5. So apart from Josh who else has been laid off? Or atleast how many devs?


  6. Still no news yet.

    As to what Josh did, Producer, what exactly that entailed I dunno tbh. More managementy I think...


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