Friday 25 June 2010

GOA go bye bye?!?!

Huge news! WAR in EU will no longer be hosted by GOA! I can't check the details because the crappy GOA site us flash and doesn't work on my iPhone, but I hear it's true. More thoughts later when not at work an I know more.


  1. Does this mean we'll be playing on US servers like Gorfang and such????

    Here is copy of the news from WAR europe's site..

    .Today we announce that GOA will cease publishing, operating and subscription services for Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning® (WAR) in Europe and transition the operation of the game to Mythic Entertainment.

    It goes without saying that we have enjoyed a lot of great times with you. Over the past couple of years we have fostered a fantastically vibrant and active community; we saw the world’s first Tchar’Zanek and Karl Franz kills pre 1.3.5 and hosted undeniably some of the most professional guilds to ever play WAR.

    Over the next few weeks we will be working very closely with the Mythic Team to ensure you all get settled as smoothly as possible. We wish to assure you that all characters, guilds and account information will be migrated to Mythic servers and will be available to present and past players.

    We will share more information on next steps, together with a FAQ, in the coming days.

  2. Gorefist/Eldard25 June 2010 at 11:40

    Yep its true and its huge news to be honest i was geting qite sick of the poor customer service , Poor servers, and still no recuit a friend systerm or a good looking website. To be honest and i know this gunna sound harsh good riddence.. to GOA they have been nothing what a waste of space since war beta..

  3. Honestly, I saw this coming when I saw that Mythic were hiring multi-lingual customer support people, and I absolutely cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I'm a European player (somewhat) stuck playing on a US server (Iron Rock). Sure, I could move to an EU sub and server but I've got my 3 40's, good guild & alliance etc and I wouldn't want to give that all up.

    I'm not sure at this point whether I would prefer to have server merges or be offered server transfers (if either!), though server merges seem to make most sense to me, at this time.


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