Thursday 10 June 2010

My third attempt at leveling a Black Orc

How long before the plan system drives me mental and I rage delete the character? Place your bets folks :P

Now all fear my....

Love the look, even before getting proper armour.


  1. Omg ... with that name you should delete it immediatly :-)

  2. What's the matter sister? A little too much cheese on the taco?

  3. I'm going to have to call in an orbital strike :)

  4. I don't judge names as one night rolling an ALT Disciple I spent an hour trying to come up with a cool name. Trying, mind you. He looks cool. Any fan of WoW should come here and take a peek at what an Orc should look like.

  5. *shocked* I think its lovely name, a nice name, envoking images of green fields, fluffy animals and pretty elven buildings....

    ON FIRE! WITH CHEESE! And slightly dubious innuendo...

  6. Fight through the pain, I believe in you Bootae!

    Nice.. name ;-)

  7. lol thanks for the inspiration Kaxy ;)

    I might do a few updates to show the evolution of the Blorc armour as I level.

  8. Hey bootae

    Some advice if you lvling a black orc mate. Get PlanB or Nerf button's if the plan/balance mechanic is driving you nuts..

    In all that is green & pointy eared i hope mythic sort out that mechanic soon..


  9. Thanks mate, yeah I got Plan B working today. I had problems with it before, but I discovered it was conflicting with my old forgot I had active SNT_buttons mod... doh

    Works much better now, but without a mod... crikey horrible beyond belief.

  10. Eldard/Gorefist11 June 2010 at 11:02

    Hey bootae

    I'm glad it helped trust me after playing bo's/sm's since beta the mechanic is well rubbrish and quite glitchy some times..

    But the best is yet to come when you get to t3/t4 you start hiting on a keep door or a random player and because the lag is so bad you can't more out of basic balance/plan..

    What i truely think about the classes is this the stongist surive and the weakist reroll knights or chosens (No offence)

    I just wish mythic would think about giving us are ogrinal beta mechnaic back that was a mix of 2 diffrent mechanic's that the ib/bg & choppa/slayer have now :/

    check out this old beta video..

    Tell me what you think Bootae any way i got to go i'm off work and there is some kill'in to do on karak norn



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