Friday 4 June 2010

Not a WAR post, this one is for Rafa

Not WAR related, but being English, football (or soccer to those who talk funny) is a big deal for me. As a lifelong Liverpool fan today's news has been rather epic. I'm not signed up to the blame Rafa Benitez for everything brigade, so I am a bit disappointed to hear he is leaving though I can understand why from both the club and his perspective.

Anyways for what its worth this is me posting to say you'll never walk alone Rafa! :)

Obviously most of my readers probably don't give 2 turds about football, sorry folks :) World Cup incoming too :p


  1. Sarigs Nighreaver4 June 2010 at 14:47

    Spurs ftw!

  2. I played in high school, but I could never watch the game. It's a lot more interesting when you're actually on the field for some reason. Also, I think since I've played it makes me hyper-critical about everything they do, which is kinda a downer when I do try to watch. There's also this thing about living in the US where the general public does not give a fuck about the most played sport in the world. Hard to find people to watch and/or talk to it about.

    As such, I have no idea what you're talking about. Link?

  3. I'm a lifelong Toffee and will have to resist antagonising you with some quip about this ;) Can't wait for the World Cup. I've been trying to think of a way to do a WAR World Cup post on the blog. Hmm. Are you from around Liverpool way? I was born in Chester, now live in Manc.

  4. One more week!!

  5. Grim -,19528,11669_6189535,00.html

    Aeo - I got family from there, but its a tenuous link, I got family most places lol. I'm a dirty southerner, my local club being the not so mighty Aylesbury Ducks :D So whilst I've paid my dues watching the Ducks, obviously I had a premiership (or League 1...) team since I was ickle.

    Cant wait for the world cup :)

  6. 1. Too many bad signings.

    2. There is also only so long that he can live on his champion league final win.

    3. Liverpool simply aren't strong enough to survive without some major reconstruction and that needs to be under new leadership.


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