Friday 25 June 2010

Crazy day, Fortress idea from Biggsie and other stuff

Well today was a bit mental. It was too damn hot, I had heavy meetings sorting out procedural explosions thanks to other people’s muppetry, a daughter desperate to fly a kite in almost no wind (that went well, not) and then trying to keep up with the WAR developments in-between all this and ninja a blog post in was a bit manic. Attempting to gather up the rumours didn’t quite work out so well, but meh I can’t nail it every time :P

Thankfully there are other bloggers on better form and fellow KFer Biggsie has posted an interesting idea for bringing back the fortresses. It’s essentially the same basic concept, but tweaked to make it more of a big fight between players. I would be concerned about lag mind you, but then I guess it depends if we’d still all cram into one fort or not. Suppose that depends on the campaign around it. Loving the Engra idea, that guy looks crazier than Lady GaGa.

As for my own thoughts on the big news of the day, I’m told we’re not going to get much further official comments until next week, so I think I’ll reserve judgement until then. Rather than go off half cocked again.


  1. Well personaly i do think the forts need to come back in one way or another since the city siege's are happening way way to offen..

    But we will have to wait and see what happens in patch 1.3.6 before they try to bring forts back in ..

    Any way Bootae nice Sc in a few mins ago :p

  2. Heyas :) I saw you cheering my corpse lol ;)

    I was roaming zones and pugging scens this afternoon, had a great time and some cool fights. One of the higlights was when I charged what I thought was a PUG warband at a BO, figured I'd see how many if any I could take down for a laugh... Except it wasn't a PuG, so I discovered I can't solo Crimson all at once :p

    Patch notes for 1.3.6 can't come soon enough. Mythic need to do some talking soon really.

  3. Well can you blame me ?

    it not offen you see a kill frenzy member soloing a sc so i took the cheap shot and got the killing blow..

    As it goes for 1.3.6 the zealot & rune priest stuff im 50/50 about it to be honest its bad enuff when dok's and wp are out dpsing mara's and white lions and other mdps classes let alone out suriveing tanks..

    My self i kinda sit back and think are support classes out doing what there supposed to do? i'm all for balance but its a on going problem that war is all ways gunna have..

    But hey who am i to complain i have been playing gimped classes since beta :p


  4. I'd like to see DoKs and WPs changed more of a melée class that buffs and has basic healing from that melée. No more backline healing, no more uber own everybody healing, instead decent melée and merely moderate heals.

  5. Well lets be honest..

    As a player who has played both sides of norn.. i can say this..

    Wp/Dok do need looking in to i can fully understand there supposed to be close combat healer ..

    But like i said above there is a fine line between balanced and Op.. I fully argee on your statement that there needs to be a slight change..

    But like all ways you know what the fotm class are.. Because they pop up out of the wood work so to speak,.

    But hey like i said before we will have to wait and see what happens once we move to mythic controled servers


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