Thursday 27 May 2010

Not tonight Joséphine

Ok it’s believed Napoleon Bonaparte never actually said that, but meh I wanted to use the line. Soooo, with historical accuracy debated and ignored, I shall continue. It was allegedly because Napoleon got tired of his poontang pie with Empress Joséphine (hmmm, I wonder if anyone has ever written that before). And just like Napoleon's withered bits, we too can have too much of a good thing.

I had yet more excellent city action tonight. Great fights, a few moments of drama and all round great good times. My only concern is, well actually it’s a long term concern, the city sieges are happening too often. At the moment sure that’s cool, it’s new and it is a lot of fun, going on regular city sieges are no bad thing in that respect. But what about in a months time? How will we feel about it after 3 months? Will we overdose on the new city and become immune to its charms?

Of course I hope not, but it is a sensible concern and one I’m fairly sure will get realised. I’m not trying to be negative, I do really, REALLY like the new city sieges and I’m very pleased with this patch. However, as I’ve banged on about many times before I do think the frequency of city sieges and the ping-pong zone locking has diluted the campaign and realm pride to levels a homeopathic scamster could only dream of. It won’t be far in my personal future where I once again don’t want to do a city siege every night, I want the drama and tension of fighting in a campaign where reaching the end prize is an “OMFG! YES! YES!” moment, not “oh it’s Altdorf again”.

Mythic have made a huge step forward with the new city, but the sooner we get a campaign system that is actually worthy of this new high quality end game, the better. Lets think positive, since Carrie has mentioned recently (I'm paraphrasing here...) that now the city is pretty much sorted they are going to be putting in a lot of work to the oRvR campaign, so maybe we will get more good news soon?


  1. With Sov crests being so easy to collect now I fear the same thing. What is going to happen once everyone has full sets of Sov which at the rate cities happen could be a few months for most people.

    Once everyone is geared out, I doubt people will be doing Orvr, or the city for fun.

  2. Or the game, more importantly.

    An expansion is the only way to keep subs come ... What three months?

  3. Forts. It's as simple as that. The roadblocks must return to slowdown the sieges.

    If I'm correct Carrie had said that RvR was up next for a re-evaluation but I seem to recall Forts being mentioned as well.

    We definitely need something.

  4. As people have mentioned elsewhere, the profileration of warlord/sovereign is vaguely a positive incentive for casual players to keep playing, since they'll have the gear but not the rr.

  5. Well loot isn't the only consideration really, for an alt whore like me there's always lots of options in what to do, but also I'm not that fussed about gear. It's more the repetition that bothers me.

    At the moment on my server both factions seem to be trying to stop the enemy getting to their city, so ORvR is very much alive. Even so the city happens too often.

    Forts and open all zones, use a DAoC style control system. Job done.

    And an expansion obv.

  6. Your on the money with the burn out fear Bootae. I'm also concerned that the loot will arrive, far in advance of the actual RR's to wear it. Though saying that, Mythic have done an excellent job of tying the gaining of ORvR faction to levels in tiers 1 - 3. So there calcs were solid there.

    If Mythic a Fort level as interesting as the City Seiges are appearing to be, then it's the people not playing warhammer who are the real losers here.

  7. Indeedy, if they take the same dramatic approach with Forts they could be on to a winner.

    With luck we'll get something interesting in the Producer's Letter, which should arrive any day now...


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