Monday 9 March 2009

WCPI time

The whole server transfer was a big deal for me obviously and it went pretty smoothly in the end. Though there's some right bloody comedy crap smothering the WHA Karak Norn forum now as old Norn players and the ex-Karak Hirn people slag each other off. With all that epeen rage somebody is gonna get hurt :P
A voice of sanity amongst the ranting comes from Snort over at Tuffmudda as he discussing the reality of the situation.

Riv's got himself some Dark Promise gear. Considering the crap luck he was having with getting Sentinel, its about time eh? ;) Read his excellent blog over at: Way of the Chosen. The man clearly is a sensible chap having chosen a Chosen like the rest of us clever types.

Another blog I highly recommend is Tome of Knowledge. There's always interesting stuff to read and I'm a big fan of the custom artwork that enhances this blog. Talented swine! ;)

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  1. First time I've been called a Sensible Chap. LOL!. Thanks for the love. Your blog sir is purely awesome.


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