Sunday 1 March 2009

City sieging reminds me of the missus...

...when she says "Is that it?".
Not really :P I have her limping for days after through my herculean man powers. I'm like the bastard love child of Shaft and the Mitchell brothers.

But on a less serious note...

My regular readers will know that I'm pretty positive about WAR, I'm no fanboy but I'm not buying into the rampant negativity that smothers the internet about, well pretty much everything ever.. Whilst I think there's lots of room for improvement with open RvR, I'm enjoying it and I also quite like the PvE (shock horror!). So all told I think WAR is pretty solid and for an MMO only 6months or so beyond launch, it's got massive potential to deliver buckets of awesome pie.

However, the current live server main event, the big deal we're all meant to get excited about, the pièce de résistance, is city sieging. Which turns out to be a hugely disappointing, underwhelming anti-climax. Quite frankly, it's rubbish.

I logged on to discover Order had captured two Fortresses and Inevitable City was now under siege. Once I got over the misery of Order beating us to a city on Karak-Hirn, I think "nvm, at least I'll get to see something new and awesome". Sometimes optimism is such a curse..

Basically it boils down to a buggy instanced PQ (which most likely won't have any enemies in) or a buggy crap scenario. I loathe scenarios anyway, so that was lose/lose, but as for the instanced PQ... The instance list pops up with the number of players, so you can choose where to go. I apologise for not screenshotting, but it was something like this:

Order 48 - Destruction 48
Order 48 - Destruction 0
Order 3 - Destruction 48
Order 43 - Destruction 48
Order 40 - Destruction 2
Order 0 - Destruction 39

So basically the one with a possible decent fight was full and the rest consisted of people avoiding each other so they can farm loot. So I had a choice of gank or be ganked. Yay...

Now I understand that gets fixed in a patch soon, but even so that doesn't get around the rubbish PQ. Which was basically all 48 Destro huddled on one point and AoEing the mobs down so fast you barely see them. Thankfully after a while Order did turn up in our instance, but that just meant we had a clusterfuck zerg fight in one place. There was moments where this got a bit more entertaining, as the fight spread out a little, but and this is crucial, it is FAR more fun, interesting and challenging to fight Order pretty much anywhere else. Why would I want to log into a city siege? You're better off waiting for it to reset and get back to the decent fights in proper zones.

Please, please Mythic have a drastic rethink about how this works. Think about that awesome trailer we get to watch once WAR loads up. Now that's a city siege. It's got massive trebuchet type things bombarding the place, siege towers, carnage in the streets, hell even a Lord of Change shows up. It makes you think wow this will be epic!
Where as the reality of it is just not very good, in fact it's no where near good. It's like when you get a text notification that you've won something on the national lottery, you rush home to check the numbers... the excitement builds up, this could be the end of mortgages man! I could quit work, buy a football team and get wasted in Monaco with Heidi Klum.

Ahh bollocks, it's just a sodding £5.


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