Friday 6 March 2009

Community spirit is alive and well ;)

Well it looks like all the big guilds (including mine) are moving from Karak Hirn to Karak-Norn. Representives from both Order and Destruction met up on a ventrilo server to discuss how to keep our community together and between them decided on Norn.

There were big events on our server last night as people said goodbye to it. Lots of fighting, emote banter and some fun between enemies. I'm really impressed with the attitude of people here and it bodes well for people on Norn to have us heading there. Check this screenshot taken by Svengrom from last night:

Fair play to everyone there. Stay classy Karak Hirn ;)


  1. Fantastic News I can't wait to see you on Karak Norn look out for Astellerol in RvR mate I'll be looking out for you :-)

  2. Awesome to know I'll be seeing some follow bloggers :) I knew a few were on Azgal, but it didn't work out for us going there.

    I look forward to crossing swords with you mate ;)


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