Tuesday 17 March 2009

Official WAR Euro Forums - The Lyceum or Bilerot Burrow?

Official WAR Euro forums open on Wednesday, starting with a forum beta.

So how long before they turn into a hate driven flame fest?

Oooh I'd give that about say 30 minutes. Another 30 minutes after that they will become a heavily moderated land of locked threads. And that is probably a good thing.

Having had to live with unofficial forums and the hate spawned drivel over most of them I just can't be arsed with it anymore. I don't want to hear from the WoW is teh LAW! crew, the people blatantly pretending to have played other old MMOs (particularly regarding DAoC) using their made up past "knowledge" whilst ranting, the obvious Blizzard employees and horde of people with ridiculous expectations for a young MMO.

Die Mythic! Die! and 'OMFG I quit!11!1' attention seeking posts will not help anything. WAR's got it's problems, some big, some small, but nothing that can't get sorted out. It's also got a lot of great things about it. Constructive criticism will only help improve the game. Look at the WoW forums, fuck all productive ever comes from there either, just the same nerf this, nerf that, I quit and hate posts. Though due to sheer bulk of posters there are some decent bits of information regarding talents, etc. Something that would certainly be helpful on the official forums, if people manage to stay civil enough to let the quality posts come through.

Of course should GOA/Mythic heavily moderate the Euro forums to try and make them more readable, we'll just see lots of "OMFG!1! they locked my post about calling you smacktards! You smacktards!" :P

Will the new forums turn into the Lyceum or Bilerot Burrow?

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  1. OMFG... you might just be right, we'll see if they can be used in a constructive and fun way.


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