Wednesday 18 March 2009

Level 40 Choppa already? You sir are a nut job

Yup one of my guildies hit level 40 with his Choppa earlier today. Our server's first (edit... possibly second...). I would like to put it on the record right now that he is officially a bloody mentalist.

Impressive, yet scary at the same time. Especially when you consider he has a job and a lady friend. I think he must have been inspired by 80's UK television when Roy Castle sang:

Dedication, dedication
Dedication, that's what you need
If you wanna be the best
If you wanna beat the rest
Oh-oh dedication's what you need;
If you wanna be a record break-er, Oooooh.,

Or perhaps he's just mad as a balloon. I know where my money is. Thankfully not in Icelandic banks.

Anyways, I'll get some level 40 RvR feedback from him ASAP.


  1. I send him my congratulations :)

  2. I am pretty sure Slashingmadness had the server first level 40 Choppa.

    there are at least 3 now, possibly 4!

  3. Yeah turns out 1 person beat him by a few hours I think, comedy :)

    Bunch of lunatics ;)


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