Saturday 28 March 2009

Patch 1.2.1 preview including Keep upgrades and AoE nerf! (YAY)

Some links for you lovely people, first off:

Patch 1.2.1 preview:

Combat Responsiveness Improvements. A biggy for a lot of people. We've seen lots of work on this since beta, will this be the patch that finally sorts it?

Keep Upgrade System. A slice of awesome pie, at last. No destructable walls yet though, but can't have everything at once I guess. See below for more info on keep upgrades.

General UI Improvements. PLEASE let this include sorting the crappy alliance roster, we should be able to set alliance permissions based on guild rank. Also a guild UI that works without having to use /slash commands would be good..

RvR Zone Control Rewards. Sounds promising.

The Battle for the Gates of Ekrund Expands! – A 6-on-6 version of the Gates of Ekrund for players between the Ranks of 19-24? Now that is interesting! Are 6-on-6 scenarios something we'll start seeing more often? Has potential to be a bit of a guild arena type affair.

Beyond the Sands Live Event. Yay, I like live events.

Lots of Bug Fixes . Yay, details asap pls ;)

Return to Nordenwatch Weekend Event. Have to see what the deal is with this. Will it be Nordenwatch available beyond tier 1?

And More! – Lots more features, career balancing, and improvements to the game are on their way. More details about this next week.
Didn't see mention of AoE, but it's only a preview post. However I just found this:

And then some more detail about the Keep Upgrade system:

Keep upgrade system sounds great, just hope it doesn't cost the earth ;) Not that it should be too cheap either tbh, else we'll have level 10 keeps everywhere... A fine balance needed.

All told nothing new to any ex-DAoC players, other than Ritualists and Divine Favour, but all good. Being able to bind to your guild keep will be the most telling factor within your guilds main play times, but will upgrades be enough for your keeps to have a chance of not being capped early morning, etc? With Order doing things like taking a Fortress on our server at 9:37am UK time on a Friday, I doubt any keeps have a chance, regardless of upgrades. Unless you have a guild with a very wide spread of play times.

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