Friday 30 April 2010

NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! unless...

Producer's Letter has this to say:

"By 1.3.6 players will have the capability to play as both Order and Destruction on the same server. We did this in Camelot, because we wanted to give players more choices about where they wanted to play and who they wanted to play with. We’re aware of the possible downsides (such as cross-realming) and we’re aware that people have a lot of realm pride, which we believe is very important, so we’re going to be introducing a significant lockout timer to switch between realms. Warhammer has a lot to offer between Order and Destruction and we want to give you the opportunity to experience all of WAR with a single account while still maintaining ties to the community of your home server."

If as Wasdstomp suspects is to aid the introduction of a third faction, then I can accept it and will welcome it, it is probably the only way to get a third faction in and give it a chance of high population. In which case I can take the negatives this brings in exchange for the HUGE improvement that a third faction would provide.

BUT if we're not getting a third faction, then this is absolutely not required, shafts realm pride even further and changes the game in a bad way for people that have stuck with it through, to be honest, a lot of crap. So unless they announce plans for a third faction expansion soon I can only consider this as bloody terrible news. And I don't mean "awww shame terrible news", I mean absolutely fucking terrible, game ruining, re-consider my subscription news.

I loathe cross realming. I like my enemy players earning their reputations in-game and being somewhat enigmatic, it's why I don't have a particularly high forum post count and don't go on IRC or anything. I don't want to know them, I want to fight them in game and have them (and if I'm lucky, me) earn respect from that. Not from some epeen circle jerk outside of the game. I don't want them logging onto our side and trolling me after I kill them, tthough I have actually had this happen from some guy with 2 accounts already, but at least he paid for the privilege.

First Mythic ripped up realm pride with the changes to a "no downside" and high speed, ping-pong campaign, but this... yikes... it could decimate it further.

For the first time in ages I'm really worried for my future in WAR. Mythic if you want to prevent people like me spiraling into negativity, then please, PLEASE, either cancel this (as if...) or give us something solid to hope for.

More than ever I hope the Red Plague is not just a rumour.


  1. A big fat no from me. Only reason for this is for the langauges with only one server.

    Therefore it must be limited to those languages/servers. Stuff the lockout time. It's a naff idea. To think the letter was going so well up to there.

    If we are going for a 3rd faction, we may well need more servers, not less, especially in Europe.

    More from me on these, when I calm down.

  2. No, let me say it again ..... Moronic.

    If this is Carries idea of an Aprils fool joke, it's a bit bloody late.

    Lets have a vote to skip the 1.3.6 patch and say .... Arrrgggh.

  3. And the letter started so well :(

  4. Most likely this is a prelude to more server merges :(

  5. If you introduce a third realm then it will completely die in T4 for a long time however... Say you wanted to do a live event and allow peeps to roll a new faction and have that faction spread from T1 to T4 over time as the plague spreads...

    Look those 4 US bloggers went to the mythic studio and at the end ask a "off the record question". This must have been pretty heavy - especially because one of the other bloggers is shocked by it in the transcript. It is so heavy it must have been either "war is closing and I know it" OR "war is about to have a massive expanion and I know it".

    Whatever the Q was they are all still blogging about war.

  6. 1.3.5 grab bag video... bretonnia again...


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