Wednesday 21 April 2010

Mythic say sorry and you know what...

… I actually think it’s an excellent response by them.

Obviously they’ve expressed how sorry they are and have refunded everything , but it was also good to see EA covering any bank charges for customers who had wanker bankers. Actually I say it was good to see, really anything less would have been bloody crap behaviour, so nothing to pat them on the back about there. It was very important that ALL customers came out of this with ALL overcharging and associated costs refunded.

The things I think make this an excellent response are the tone of Jeff Hickman’s apology and the in-game gifts.

Some people may have been hoping/expecting a free months play or similar, but I think this is a much better way of saying sorry. We’ve seen developers give out free months play to say sorry before, but be honest, did you really notice? You get a very small amount of money not leaving your account, which you’ll only remember happened if and when you read through your bank statement. And then you forget entirely and carry on thinking shame on Mythic, boo hiss! It’s not like you’re ever going to forget the over-charging, but their free month to say sorry will be lost in very little time.

Whereas your unlimited black dye or fancy mount will always be there in-game, each time you log in both as a reminder of Mythic screwing up, but also of them properly saying sorry. Will it make up for the stress this caused some players? I don't know, it was a pretty epic cock up, but their apology seems like a good attempt to me.


  1. "For starters all players will earn 100% bonus experience and renown when killing enemies and monsters for two weeks. As well, during this time we’ll be hard at work designing and implementing a special vendor. This vendor will only accept special tokens that will be sent to your mailbox, using these two tokens each of your characters will be able to receive two of the following items:

    •Bottomless Chaos Black Dye
    •Bottomless Skull White Dye
    •Imperial Griffon Mount (Order)
    •Enslaved Manticore Mount (Destruction)
    •WAR Tract – earn a free level
    •Choose from any of these pets – Order: Imperial Hunting Hound or Dwarf Keg Handler; Destruction: Warlord’s Fell Hound or the Goblin Bar-Back.
    •Change your appearance with any of these illusion items: Skaven Skin Cloak (skaven), Kossar’s Helm (bear), or the Signet of the Cursed Company (skeleton)"

    If anything im slightly annoyed if ALL players are getting these, i have Black and White dye stored that is now worhtless, the mount which was earned through the recruit a friend and pts are now worthless and the special illusion items (of which i have 2) from games i have actively bought for said ingame item are guess what? yup, worthless.

  2. Worry not matey it's not ALL players. Just seen confirmation in a post by GOA:

    "As this billing issue only occurred in the U.S we aren't issuing out items here in Europe.

    Just FYI: Only U.S Customers who were effected by this problem are being given these items. Not the entire user base. "

  3. Ooooo Unlimited Black Dye, worth being inconvenienced a tosh. :)

  4. where did you find the info about the FYI?

  5. Thread I put the URL of in the comment mate:


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