Tuesday 20 April 2010

Mythic - Run speed increases? Don't do it.

Ok so I just saw this in a thread on the Mythic WAR forums:

Sean - So we’re actively looking at adding things to both the scenario “stores” and the RvR “stores”. So in 1.3.5, we’re putting two new Talismans on the RvR merchant that are temporary. One is a permanent run-speed and one is a AP Cost Reduction. There is going to be one for each Tier that you can spend your tokens on and you’ll have that buff for X amount of time (before the Talisman decays). That’s the type of thing you can expect to see in the future.

Not sure which blogger posted it originally as there wasn’t a link provided. Anyway, this is a bad, baaad, BAD idea!

The last thing WAR needs is further problems with run speed. You put that in and it becomes the standard, must have to play item. It affects EVERYTHING. Same for the AP reduction actually. All combat balance changes instantly. This is a terrible idea and I really hope it doesn’t go anywhere near the live servers.
Also as I’ve recently been playing some DAoC again, I can confidently say OMFG NO NO NO! We do not want DAoC’s Benny Hill run buff nonsense in WAR. Be very wary of speed buffs please their impact is huge and normally negative. Odjira was bad enough. Don't make the same mistake twice please.


  1. I have the habit of saving my bashing stick for after I've tried something and hated it. So I can't agree or disagree.

    However, although the run-speed issue does seem more problematic, I find the AP one might not cause such a difference.

    Take AM's "Wild Healing" for example. They can run around with their AP costs cut in half most of the time and they are by no means unkilable or the Imba-est healers out there. A party with a Zealot that casts a Ritual of Innervation is better off but not a whole lot.

    And adding AP still doesn't add skill. A BW facerolling with a little more AP is just as pathetic.

  2. Pretty sure by "Permanent" they meant that it doesn't decay over time as opposed to a static +5% run speed or something. It'll just be different forms of Odjira's that are much more accessible.

    Also keep in mind, run speed procs are changing with this upcoming patch. Now when someone has a run speed proc, it'll fall off when an ability is used similar to how Charge! works. It won't be an offensive tool used by kiting classes anymore.

  3. As Grimnir mentioned, it is not as potent as Odjira. Speaking of Odjira... rumors are it will be changed a bit in 1.3.5.

  4. Hmmm I remain extremely dubious. Run speed changes have huge impact on "closing the distance" time for melee to ranged players. Even a small percentage increase will reduce the time a ranged class with poor kiting ability has to survive.

    For good kiters, assuming both ranged and melee have the same run speed increase equipped, it's moot and as such a pointless item to implement in the game. It only gimps those that dont use it. Mark my words, if this goes live it will become the cookie cutter must have talisman to replace Odjira. Anyone without it will be kited to death far easier or engaged in melee in moments. A slippery slope.

  5. Bootae, I have to disagree about your example with DAOC. Speed there was class based and any damage done or received, dropped the speed off you. You really need a shaman in the group and had to hope you didn't get snared.

    I loved the speed in DAOC for group to group fighting, and the opportunity to take on zergs :)


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