Monday 19 April 2010

Q&A about the new City sieges and a vague hint of something

There was a good post by Mythic the other day answering a whole load of questions about the new full RvR city sieges. The post was by Michael J. Wyatt, who has the no doubt busy job of Designer/Lead for RvR, Encounters, Live Events & Content. You can find the full post and all the questions here.
Here’s a few of the things I was most interested to hear:

Q: Who has control over moving players around in the Warband?
A: No single player does. As an individual, you choose which party within the Warband you would like to be in (assuming there is room). Its intent is to facilitate grouping and coordination; not work against it.

So that sounds just like the scenario system. I wonder if that means we’ll get those selfish healers that like to sit in solo groups and horde RPs?

Q: Will my Warband be split up when zoning into a Contested City?
A: With v1.3.5, the mechanics for entering a city instance remain untouched. It's possible that this will occur and something we're looking at improving upon for the future.

OK, at the moment if I join with a warband we all get in together, as long as we’re all outside at the time and move into the instance fairly promptly. You would only get split up if you’re slacking and take 10 minutes to get into the sodding zone. So assuming I’ve got that right, fine with me.

Q: What's to prevent Champions from running off and hiding?
A: During the final Stage, the gameplay area is sectioned off and the Champions are placed into the battlefield shortly after being chosen. There isn't a place to hide where your enemy cannot find you... quickly. Also, straying too far from your King will cause your Champion buff to fade and credit will be given to the opposing Realm for defeating a Champion.

Excellent news. This was something I know a few guildies were concerned about. The AFK scenario whores are a pain in the arse as it is. Tossers the lot of you btw.

Q: Can players join an instance after it has progressed past Stage 1?
A: Yes. There will be functionality put in place that will temporarily prevent new players from joining a specific Contested City at certain junctures however. To give you an example, new players won't be able to join an instance if the final battle is well underway.

Oh really… if this could be also be used to prevent the immense annoyance of joining an almost finished scenario, well that would be spiffing.

Q: With allowing Defenders to obtain the same end-game equipment, what incentive is there to participate in ORvR?
A: The intent is that Invaders are given an advantage by disallowing Defenders to recapture lost points in Stage 1. The conclusion of each Stage affects the start of the following Stage, too. If the Invaders were allowed to destroy the gates leading to the enemy King, well, the Defenders will have a tough time trying to recouperate their losses and succeed in Stage 2. This will be an aspect that is closely watched and adjusted accordingly. We want you to participate (and win) the Campaign. Simply because you can obtain the same rewards for Defending, doesn't mean you will.

Hmmm… OK I get how when in the city siege instance this encourages you to fight, afk leeching or playing to lose will result in poor rewards. This is good news and to be applauded, anything to bitch slap the leechers is wonderful in my book. Problem is that doesn’t answer the question “what is the incentive to fight in ORvR?”

Billy-Bob the Warrior Priest needs Sovereign armour. He logs on and Destruction are pushing to Altdorf, so Billy-Bob might as well let them and have a chance at getting the armour from defending the city right?

We need a proper negative for having your city undersiege. Not by locking out content like before, but something else... a renown gain buff for the enemy?

Q: How do you plan to prevent players from "AFK Farming"?
A: With v1.3.5, there are significant improvements made to the "Idle Hands" buff. That being said, any player with the "Idle Hands" buff will not receive any reward but still receive the Reward Lockout Timer.

Good good.

Q: Will I still receive a trickle of Scenario Currency rewards?
A: Yes. At the conclusion of each Stage, the players of the winning Realm will receive an Insignia even if a character has a Reward Lockout Timer.

And there was much rejoicing. Now if you could add insignias to general oRvR too, that would be great. I’m not hugely bothered by it, but I’m starting to want one of those nice shields and I don’t want to farm scenarios. :P

Aaaaaaand finally, the vague hint of something.
The lovely Werit has posted yet more info from his visit to Mythic HQ, which includes a little something of special interest…

"During our tour of the office, we got to see nearly everyone. There was one group of WAR developers that we couldn't talk with or even see what they were up to. Who knows what they were working on? It must be something good though :)"

It’s vague for sure, perhaps I’m just clutching at straws or putting 1 and 1 together and getting 9. Whatever... I don't care! :D It will be an expansion and totally awesome. I hope. Pls. Go on. Go on. Go on. Go on.

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