Friday 23 April 2010

The Red Plague expansion?

Is Mykiel actually Hercule Poiroit? I ask this because the clever git has spotted a possible clue in the patch notes, a very interesting clue indeed. One has to wonder if Mykiel will next reveal a Belgian accent and a moustache of curly distinction…
Go look at his post of epic intrigue here, have a read, leave a comment and then come back here for a chat and a lovely cup of tea. I’ll get the digestive biscuits out and if you’re lucky perhaps a chocolate hob-nob or two.

/boils kettle
/makes a lovely cup of tea

Ah there you are. Have a biscuit. Interesting read eh?

Now then, now then… it could be nothing at all, but everything Mykiel has said makes sense. It is very strange for Mythic to reference the Red Plague from established Warhammer history as the reason for the crafting NPCs to have moved to the cities. For a start they wouldn’t normally bother fluffing out the reason for the NPC’s relocation, certainly they never have before and if they did want to give it a reason then surely the more obvious and straightforward one would have just been because of the current war between Order and Destruction? Instead they’ve referenced a Skaven engineered plague… And note this is lore very specific to Skaven. The red plague heralds the Skaven going to war against the surface dwellers and not in a little half-arsed way; we’re talking major Skaven invasions. Cities destroyed, populations slaughtered or enslaved and a general collection of devious Rat-Bastardry™. So could this mean the Skaven are coming to WAR?

It’s only a clue and maybe not a real one, but there are things afoot. Lets look at the clues so far:
1) Bioware/Mythic stated they have new content and expansions planned for WAR.
2) They’ve also stated that the game is very profitable and subs are increasing. Profits and subs will mean development.
3) At the recent blogger visit to Mythic HQ there was a WAR development team that they were not allowed to talk to or see anything they’re working on.
4) The Red Plague revelation by Mykiel.

The Red Plague... A good name for an expansion yes?

Hmmmm I say! Hmmmm and thrice hmmmm! I think it’s time for all of us to get those little grey cells working. Keep your eyes peeled folks.


  1. Unfortunately the "post of epic intrigue" link is broken.

    Remember when you and I were discussing the Forces of Disease ... maybe that's on the way? If the Skaven were going to join Destro, why would their NPCs have to retreat to the IC? They wouldn't.

    I like this mystery so let's hope it builds to something really cool!

  2. Fixed;)

    Oh yes mate I remember, let's hope eh? If the I'd it I don't know, but we will get expansion news this year, but when and what...

  3. Reminds me of a quote from a Thomas Harris character: "ass-u-me". This is grasping at straws at it's best, but then again that's what being a fan is all about :)

    Would love to see skaven as a faction, even though i know i'll have to give away my char name "lovepump" to zoggie's up and coming breeder.

  4. As amazing as i think any new races or factions would be i just cant see Bretonnians being one of them, they have maybe two note worthy units/chars Knights and Fay Enchantress/damsel

    No mounted combat exists in the game and the only archatype i can see the Damsel being is ranged healer/support ala archmage?

    I just dont see how it can be done.

  5. People, if we pray hard enough and little enough candles we will get a 3 side to warhammer and it will be the Skaven. We just need to project enough positive mental energy.

    PS - If we did have a huge influx of old/new players, how would the servers cope ? Considering the proportion still player versus those who bought the initial copy and no longer player, that would be bloody huge log in que.

    I suppose they could be TOOO successful with an addon.

  6. I really should read what I post before pressing the POST COMMENT.... aaarggg bad grammar attack.


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