Sunday 11 April 2010

EU WAR players demand equal treatment…

…uhm on second thoughts perhaps not :P

You’ve no doubt heard by now about the EA/Mythic billing disaster in the US (if not check my blog roll). The whole situation obviously sucks royally for everyone hit by it, certainly I would be absolutely bloody livid if it was me and a MMO subscription put paying my mortgage at risk! Yet it must also be incredibly frustrating (and also have potential financial implications) for Mythic’s developers and people involved with the game proper. They get the game in a pretty solid place, are just about to launch what is purported to be the biggest city changes yet and Mythic were trying to get the hype machine running. In fact last week was meant to be all about the bloggers from the US and their visit to Mythic HQ... But nooo DENIED! Instead of much needed positive and exciting WAR hype, everything gets blown away by some idiot from EA/Mythic’s billing dept (or possibly their bank or something...) who manages to pull off what is quite possibly the single most epic failure in MMORPG subscription history. Quite impressive really, albeit in a tragic and depressing way.

So to me this monstrous cock up actually sucks for everyone involved in the game. Whilst the game’s poor unsuspecting customers got financially shafted (and I am by no means belittling this, it is quite simply terrible and I hope Mythic give more than refunds), it has also thrown further fuel on the fire for anyone wanting to flame WAR. The timing really couldn’t be much worse, exactly the moment when the game should be getting good news…

Yikes! If the pressure wasn’t on Mythic before, it sure as hell is now.


  1. It is really sad. I was really jumping on the bandwagon again. I was ready to start helping them hype up the game on my blog when normally I am pretty negative most of the time.

    Than I am hit with this billing fiasco. I am trying to get over it, but I am really pissed about it. Basically for 15 years I have used my CC on the internet with no problems.

    This was a huge wakeup call when you realize the games your bank plays with your money. I really feel for anyone that gets their cards stolen now. It must be a huge nightmare.

    I did try to make light of the situation a day later, and make a video I posted on my blog. It is funny to me, but it seems everyone is too scared to post any comments about it.

    Anyways I show a BW spamming Scorched Earth and Mythic Subscription 14.99 scrolling up the screen like scrolling combat text. I thought it was a little humorous, but so far I think it may of pissed people off with my sarcasm.

  2. Ahh hadn't seen that vid, lol :)

    I've had my bank account cleaned out before with my card being cloned, it is a nightmare. Thankully my bank are pretty good with this sort of thing and made it easy to sort everything, but not all banks are the same...

  3. I don't have a credit card and for this I thank God.

    We have a system where we can make a mock credit card and stipulate how much money can be drawn from it and they expire in one months time. So I must've used about 15 mock credit cards with 20 euros in them to pay for my subscriptions. Yes, no subriscpiton renewal goes by without my aproval. So I'm in the clear if someone effs up on this side of the pool.

    Too bad for those who weren't. And indeed, here we are hoping to steal new players from the old favourites and now people go clutching at their wallets (like shammies in the char selection screen) saying "oh no you don't!"


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