Thursday 1 April 2010

Sneak peak at new WAR armour graphics

This morning Mythic gave Kill Frenzy special access to the test server for a sneak preview of armour set and graphic improvements coming with the 1.3.5 patch. As you can see below, the Chosen set is quite striking!

I for one can’t wait to see this go live.


  1. I'm so gonna roll a Chosen one day. Then I'm gonna get all their sexy armor. And then I'm gonna disrobe and rub naked against every WE I find. Especially Luranni. I know she wants me to.

  2. lol Sara I'm not sure I wanted that imagery. I'm now stuck with this thing going round my head of a Chosen straddling a WE slender thigh all too vigorously... ugh, yet hmmm, yet ugh... noooo

  3. Wait, what? Who's rubbing nekkid against me?!?!11oneone.


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