Saturday 1 May 2010

Having had a few hours to discuss and think about the cross-realming change…

…I still think it’s a very bad idea. It won’t be a surprise to hear this was the big topic of debate on our guild’s ventrilo tonight and it’s probably not a shock either to discover than everyone thought it is a horrible idea. Unless it is to help the introduction of a third faction, in which case it was universally accepted as a worthy cause for such a change. If it there was an expansion coming that adds races to the existing factions, well I don’t really see how this would help, but I'm open to hearing how. Problem is as we don’t have anything concrete to suggest an expansion, we’re left hoping it’s a third faction expansion and praying this was just a poorly timed comment in advance of an announcement.

Putting in a changing faction lock out timer of say 12 hours after logging in with a character will prevent much of the spiteful and tactical cross-realming, but it still leaves us with problems to deal with. Some guilds will be fractured as people decide to jump ship; the grass is greener and all that. And what about a strict no cross realming guild? How do they manage this change? It will also be much easier (with no extra cost) and more common for people to infiltrate enemy guilds and cause all manner of problems. I just can’t see what positive purpose this change has, unless it is related to an expansion. It makes no sense.

In the producer’s letter thread Andy has confirmed they are not considering server merges, so that thankfully is ruled out. I’ve no idea what the US servers are like, but the 2 English speaking EU ones I play on are both very busy, so server merges seemed odd anyway.

Just to throw a little more hope in there; the grab bag video is broken at the time of posting, it only plays for about a minute, but the Bretonnia background is there again. We also have to hope this line from the Producer's Letter means something decent:

"Also keep on the lookout for a special announcement video coming straight from the bloggers to you!"

I think we really need some reassurance from Mythic here. Feel free to email me something positive Mythic (hey if you don't ask you don't get!) :P Everyone I’ve spoken to is very worried about what this means. Everyone is hopeful for an expansion. And everyone will be devastated if that’s not what is coming and we just get Mythic sponsored cross-realming.


  1. If your idea pans out then I can see this is a good precursor to a third realm. The lockout will be key to this working though.

    I didn't look at it from the perspective of busting guilds ... I actually wouldn't mind doing this so I can play pranks on my guildies without them knowing and to simply play against the people I usually fight alongside.

    I look at it this way, if guildies opt to leave to choose the other realm, then they weren't really good guildies anyway and they would've left for some other reason down the line. I am Order all the way and even though I enjoy playing my Destro ALTs ... I don't ever see myself turning to the darkside.

    (God I hope your thoughts on this leading to a third realm are right!)

  2. I see what you mean about guild members and thankfully its not something that will be an issue for my guild, but I do worry about what it would mean for realm pride and stability of other guilds on both sides.

    I can also see an increase in renown trading and even renown power leveling...

  3. the renown trading and powerleveling is what has me worried the most. There are a few Order gits I'd welcome into Kill Frenzy, but only as full time destro players

  4. The video announcement from bloggers sounds quite interesting to me. It almost sounds like the foursome trip to Mythic was all for a reason. These guys know something, and it sounds like Mythic wants them to be the ones to announce it when they decide it is time to release the videos.

    It just surprises me some of the speculation being raised by these bloggers. With the NDA how are they even getting away with speculating with knowing what is really happening.

    I will be really curious how this all plays out.

  5. I only really see this change for languages which only have one server, which however has been turned into a "feature" for everyone.

  6. I think it'll be all fine, once the big dust cloud has settled down. A minimum 1 or 2 week lockout on hopping sides plus a steadily incrementing loyalty bonus for those who don't.

  7. And and and. If I allow myself a blinkered view from implications of mergers or 3rd factions this could be a good way of giving RR80 players who have exhasuted the game a way of continuing to play on a server they know without having to delete their hard work.

  8. I don't really see the point of this being part of a pre expansion change. Why wouldn't you just do it when the expansion is released. People are saying it will hurt realm pride, but to be honest I have seen much evidence of that except for server forum banter. I am worried you will get renown trading but that happening at the moment anyway. I sort of feel for Mythic as no matter what they do players will find the path of least resistance just to get gear. It is a shame... for a PvP game I wonder how many players actaully like to PvP over phat loot.

  9. so one shard is basically saying.

    It wont hurt realm pride (only found on the forums)
    It wont affect renown trading (already happening)
    Players have always wanted the phat lewt (no change here)

    So why are you so afraid?

    Tbh not all changes make sense looking forward but probably will make more sense looking back.

    I have heard the argument that this is just a means to milk more of the existing game so that gamers will keep gaming but that is basically the point of ALL mythic's patches and is no more proof of server mergers than a new realm being released. If you look at the hint hint going on at mythic right now I really doubt they are going to close the game.

  10. Realm pride does still exist in game, certainly in the circles I move in, though it was changes in the past that reduced it for many to a forum only affair.

    Cross realming happens already, but its not as rife as it will be in future. And what happens if people get on lock out from one city? They switch sides and PvE to get loot from the other. Will there be any RvR left or organised faction jumping to PvE zerg zones?

    I don't think this means server merges, but a lot of people to do think that. After all thats why it was done in Camelot, at least that's the perception. Though there wouldnt seem to be any point in WAR right now. The population is good at the moment as far as I can tell.

    However except for what seems to be a small minority, everyone is unhappy about this change. I'm hearing from a LOT of unhappy players and I find myself on the brink of disillusionment. It's more likely to push existing players away, rather than make them stay. What's the benefit? The ability to play alongside my current enemies is no lure at all and I can play the other realm on Karak-Azgal. It's pointless, unless its to do something else...

  11. Damn - Maybe I shoul start blogging in english?

    Some ideas from me (end of the post) reg. the cross-realm-stuff. also in the comments


    German blogger

  12. Open realm switching killed the community in Dark Age of Camelot. People liking ths idea obv didnt play DAoC.

    This is WAR not WOW. For now.


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