Thursday 15 April 2010

Praag: Vice City

Someone needs to clean up the streets of Praag, seriously man, its really going downhill fast. First there was all the fighting and shit, but now you can't turn a corner without some pimp offering you his Elven sluts...

Youtube link available here.

/salute Durtbocks the KF auteur


  1. Epic win. GJ son.

    P.S.: The absence of the hilarious goblin saying "oi oi oi" is a bit of a shame though.

  2. Hey Emi :)

    Big respect has to go to Durt for this, whilst loads of us guildies put in ideas on the night, it's him that pieces it all together :)

  3. You guys put out (see what I did there?) the best WAR vids. I approve.

  4. Great stuff, keep it coming!

  5. I love the Warrior Priest solicitation part. Great video!


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