Wednesday 30 November 2011

TOR Nexus

Werit, that admirable servant of the WAR community, has also heard the siren call of SWTOR. Typically the guy has got busy with the fizzy and cooked up a useful website for gamers with an interest in SWTOR. In his words:

"Lately, I've been having trouble keeping up with all the the Star Wars: The Old Republic news and content being generated by the community. I needed a better (and quicker) way of dealing with them, so the TOR Nexus was born.

What is it? The TOR Nexus is basically an aggregator, but takes in a bunch of different sources. Currently, it looks for TOR content at a number of blogs, fansites, BioWare, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Live Streams. My goal for the project is to keep it simple, quick and useful."

You can find the TOR Nexus at and you can find his full post explaining the plan on his blog which you should have bookmarked already ;)

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