Monday 21 November 2011

No WAR Boots?

A few folks have asked me now that I've quit WAR and not returned for a while, am I now done with blogging about it?

The answer is a mixed yes and no. I can only write stuff about WAR if there are things to talk about, but unfortunately right now there is nothing but negatives to say.  Despite the forts supposedly being imminent, there's no news, no talk of the future and barely any sign of Mythic. The forums have descended to an all time low and are now quite probably the most depressing MMO forums I have ever had the misfortune to read. And with no attempts at damage control from Mythic, well... I don't know if Bioware Mythic realise this, but for an outsider things with WAR look beyond terrible. It looks like WAR has been dropped for WoH, which at the blogger meeting where we were first shown WoH is exactly what I said to Carrie would be everyone's concern if they didn't play it right and give WAR players reasons to feel otherwise.

They didn't play it right. Far from it in fact and now WAR looks totally fucked. It might not be, they might have stuff up their sleeves, but it looks and is perceived as being totally FUBAR. This is not me as someone that's quit having a whinge, this is the reality of the hugely negative light WAR is now seen in by almost everyone.

To change that Bioware Mythic need to actually do something. Unfortunately for WAR I think they believe Wrath of Heroes is the answer to everything, however as anyone not too close to the two games can see, it really isn't.

Since I have no interest in WoH, that leaves me with precious little to talk about regarding WAR. :(


  1. You wont go back to WAR. By the time you're bored of swtor and other games there wont be a WAR to go back to.

  2. Wrath of Heroes should really be re-named Wrath of Gouskos.

    I wish they'd sell (hell or give away) Warhammer Online to Turbine, Gamer'sFirst, or even Hanbitsoft).

    Mythic/Bioware doesn't deserve this IP in the least.

  3. I honestly don't know why WAR is still around. They failed so horribly with this game it is really a shame.

    No third side.

    No balance.

    Too much PvE.


  4. Played War for the first time in 3ish months a few days ago, zero new things and I don't think there even were a 2kb patch I needed to download. Game were still fun the rare moments you got a nice fight but with the numbers playing (the evening I played at least) I can't see myself getting enough of those to motivate me to log in and even less motivate me to pay a sub to a game I don't see any development in.

    Mytic has done basically every error you can do in a MMO, they relesed a game that had to many buggs. They fixed them way to late, they got the class balance OKish way to late and they didn't give the players much new things and the thing they actually give then were so full of buggs and retarded thinking... I still played the game since release and with like 3-4 unsubbed months and had plenty of fun in it but still I can't stop thinking about how much better it could be with some better developer, yes.. the crew that worked on WAR were a big joke and someone should take away their computers.

  5. Mythic threw all resources at SWTOR. That's well known and what they said themselves. WAR's team decided to try something "new" by creating WoH. But does this save WAR? It's rather salvaging the IP, no matter how good or bad WoH is.

    It's a shame, I have so little love for Star Wars franchises, especially after the not nearly as inspirational latest three movies and the Clown Wars series. I <3 Han Solo, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers, but not farmboys from Tatooine playing with their neon-green dildo while wearing a bathrobe. That's just gross. (And I am not even talking about this Gungan!)

    Why should they shut down WAR, as long as people still pay to play even if they get nothing new. The costs to run servers for a MMO are overestimated by players, support and GMs probably got integrated into a general support/GM staff run by Mythic and well... who actually belongs to the skeleton crew still running WAR? It seems all development and remaining manpower shifted to WoH.

    To sum it up! Blargh! :(

    STO does something similar, no content for over half a year already in a MMO that never was a content juggernaut. I have the feeling the days of this one are over, too. I can't shake of the feeling that they will fuck up the F2P launch and poison the well for F2P again by showing how shite and greedy it can be. And unfortunately often is.

    It's always sad when a beloved IP goes down the crapper. Just think about BattleTech! :( Warhammer has at least still its tabletop roots, while BT got Dark Age, which is ironically a proper name for this awful sequel to classic BT.

  6. Oh aye, Bioware moving most of the staff to SWTOR is common knowledge, but thats no excuse and is merely part of the problem. Plus WoH doesn't even salvage the IP to be honest mate, it's Warhammer in name only. WoH bares zero resemblance to Warhammer in anything other than model skins being used. I suppose it might help stop someone else taking the IP on, depending on what the contract with GW contains.

    I'm not sure how many actual devs are working on WAR, now that Steve Engle has left I'm only aware of James and Keaven, but there could be more. Doubt anyone outside of Mythic actually knows. And yeah, MMO running costs can't be as much as most folks seem to think, hence games often running with few servers left.

    Ahh Battletech tabletop ;) Well by modern standards the minis are so god awful that I can't bring myself to play it again :P

  7. Hi Bootae,

    This is not aim at you, but at "The forums have descended to an all time low and are now quite probably the most depressing MMO forums I have ever had the misfortune to read."

    Ill quote Turino the Executed IB:
    First, a rant. What is it with those guys on WAR forums who:
    a) Constantly moan and whinge about how bad the game is, and how much Mythic suck and have ruined things. If you hate it so much - WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!? GO AND DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY!
    b) Make posts saying something along the lines of “Why are you all still playing this game? It sucks and is dead!”. Why are these people even reading the forums nevermind posting on them!? Is there such a thing as a “troll-bot”?

    Like you Bootae, a lot of us active WAR players agree that the game isn’t going forward and we havnt had any real new content since lotd, BUT what is it with all the negativity from former and often "high profil" players/guilds (you+KF not included)?

    WAR is still a good game, the class balance and gear gap is decent and might be at an all time best. The Norn pop is also decent, if you play on destro side you get near instant sc pops and you can still get some good fightings in the lakes every night.

    Yea a lot of ppl whine about low pop or they cant get groups, but that is NOT WARs fault but poor recruitment/guild culture.


  8. I agree mate. People that play a game for years and then after quitting post that it's a shit game are complete retards.

    I saw someone on Norn WHA asking "why people are still playing this shit game?", yet I know for a fact he had at least 3 level 40s one of which was well over RR80. Amazing he played a game that was so shit for quite so long without recognising he was having a horrible time.

    There will always be ranty whinging pricks, this is the internet after all. However until people that want to post more positive stuff are given something to post about... unfortunately nobody can post anything in an alternative fashion, be that fanboi nonsense or objective comments.

  9. Yeah, there's no escaping that the future looks bleak for WAR. I know we've all said that many times over the last three years but it feels different somehow this time (for me anyway).

    Had an interesting short discussion with Mikfez last week about it here:

    He shares some of my own concerns.

    With SWTOR and WoH and no real comms from Mythic about WAR, people are understandably going to think the worst.

    I'm pretty much ready for a break from the game myself. Finally reached the precipice of boredom :D

    Certainly not going to start slagging the game off. It saddens me to see it stagnate and seemingly fade away. The hope of some sort of phoenix from the flames diminishes with each passing day.

  10. A company that allow bugs from release to exist for more then 3 years. Really no new content in the same time period.

    Add to that they said they didnt have a finance to give a proper expansion and yet find money to develop Wrath of Heroes.

    Even worse is when their so called "balancing" casuses new bugs that made careers overpowered or gear for that matter. 1.4 was a period i thankfully missed but seemed to have driven alot of players away ontop of everything else.

    Still amazed they didnt pick up on the SV ability before releasing the gear into the game.

    Never seen a company missmanage they customers or game in my now 14 years of mmorpging. Mythic did a wonderful game with DAoC despite its flaws but im pretty sure alot of those guys went to Blizzard several years back.
    I did read something about it and past 6-8 years Mythic had alot of revolving door issue with coders.



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