Tuesday 1 November 2011

Oh hellllllllloooooooo! Mechwarrior Online

I've just been provided with a massive e-boner from a tweet by  who spotted this baby.

I am a huge fan of the Mechwarrior games, particularly Mechwarrior 4 and I've spent many, maaaany hours pew pewing lasers in it's multiplayer awesome. Seriously, it's one of my joint all time fave online PvP games (alongside XwA, UO and DAoC). I can't wait to have a go on it.

Official site here: http://mwomercs.com/
PC Gamer article about it here.

Happy Bootae is happy.


  1. Got two names reserved. I'm ready to rock.

  2. Reserved my name ! Bring back my glory days !

    This IS my favourite ever online game, lets just hope its not pay 2 win.

  3. I've been wondering why there have been so few Mech games lately. It seems about time that genre had a resurgence.


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