Friday, 2 December 2011

MWO - Cockpit view concept art

Now bare in mind that the plan is for MWO players to primarily play using the in cockpit view (exterior view is not currently in the game, but is being considered) and I think you'll be encouraged by how potentially cool this looks. It's also worth noting that the current plan is for the various dials, screens and so on to actually work and be useful, rather than just gimmicky fluff like in most games with a leaning towards simulation. Click on the images to expand.

Every mech cockpit is expected to be different, and this is likely to mean some more restrictive in view than others, which in itself will provide an interesting difference in how easy some mechs are to pilot over others. A slightly different element to the "class" balancing act developers have to deal with eh?


  1. UI customization could all be done in-game through buying different informational modules that plug into the cockpit... Oh man, that'd be so damn cool. It'll never happen.

  2. Looks cool..though I'm still waiting for a 360° view that was mentioned in some classic novels ;)


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