Thursday 24 November 2011

Pew Pew Classics

You might think that the iconic gaming sound effects of 2012 will be the pew pew of blasters and the crackling hum of lightsabers, For many folks you’d no doubt be right, but for me no bloody way. Like any self respecting 30 something I like a good bit of Star Wars action, but personally 2012 is all about the return of the SCHHHHAAAAPEW!!!
That isn’t some combat caption from the Batman TV show, oh no; this glorious uber-pew is the distinctive sound of a Particle Projector Cannon (PPC) mashing shit up with ionised particles of death. You could say it’s the BFG of Battletech. So whilst the announcement of Mechwarrior Online brought back many excellent gaming memories, for some reason at the forefront of them is the sound of the PPC. When thinking about mechs for some reason I just can’t get it out of my head… SCHHHHAAAAPEW!!! That’s a credit to the people that did the sound effects I think. So often with games we talk about graphics, gameplay and the music, but it’s good to remember the sound effects are a huge part of the gaming experience and sometimes are just as classic as anything else.
So what are your classic sounds from games?


  1. My classic sound is from the 90s.

    It goes like this..


    It's wasnt a perticular game, more of a ambient noise from my mum: My 12 year old ears learned to filter out those kinda sounds pretty well. :D

  2. Well..sticking to BT it's the friendly voice stating "Shutdown imminent". It's no sound effect, but this is something I immediately think of when I'm thinking of Mechs.

    Another classic is the F16 Falcon game from..uh..Amiga? .. Again a nice female voice saying "Warning" ..or the "Pull up, Pull up!" just before you crash ;)

    One final classic sound for me are the footprint/noise sounds in the old Lucasarts Adventure games; Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken, etc.. It's more or less just noise, but somehow it's iconic.

  3. HAH DOO KEN! excuse bad phonetics :P

  4. Falcon 4.0 that sounds like on the PC ;) I remember that voice well, perhaps too well lol with the way I flew! I used to play that a LOT. My fave jet fighter flight sim ever that is.

    Ahh the classic Street fighter Ryu style. Makes me think of Mortal Kombat too and the "FATALITY!"



    Strangely enough besides the intro the sticking to the wall is something i remind the most, the whole game when you are jumping with Ryu you hear "tttthehhpp" :D


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