Tuesday 8 November 2011

My 2012 online gaming schedule

For me 2012 starts with Star Wars: The Old Republic. I think I’ll be playing that for probably 3 months, which will be enough time to get max level, clear the majority of end game content & storylines (aside from raids which I officially CBA with) and have provided ample opportunity to become bored with its generic instanced PvP and what I presume will be lame arsed gank-wank open-world PvP. If I stick with it longer depends almost entirely on how the open-world PvP turns out. As you can tell, I’m expecting very little, but if it’s good then this could dramatically extend the lifespan of SWTOR for me. I find that possibility extremely unlikely.

After SWTOR I’ll be at a loose end for a few months and most likely this will be when I catch up on my previous games. A month in Star Trek Online is definitely on the cards, as is a brief visit to RIFT and then I expect it will be either DAoC or WAR. However if WAR does actually have some new content or sees some of the changes I’ve always wanted (larger RvR lakes, real new classes, etc), then I will return to WAR for a more significant visit. If WAR ever gets serious development again then I would be back straight away, unfortunately with its skeleton crew that looks extremely unlikely. Such a waste, shame on you Bioware, shame on you.

Summer time arrives and it’s Mechwarrior Online, for the rest of the year… If the game lives up to even half of my expectation levels then I could well be playing this extremely long term. Which means playing it alongside whatever else I’m looking at and since I’ve often said how I get bored quickly of instanced PvP, well, that should give you some indication of how highly I rate Mechwarrior games. That said, I am assuming it’s going to be instanced match making stuff from what’s been said so far, which really is the only way I can see it working without going for something extremely bold that I just can’t see any company having the balls to do. So it sounds like it’s going to be instanced PvP within a persistent world campaign system. If it means I get a decent mechwarrior game then that’s more than fine with me.

As for the rest of the year, I'll no doubt be sticking with MWO, but there are a couple of other games that will also see some Bootae action, but I don’t yet know when they’re due. Planetside 2 fits in here somewhere and has the potential to have a major impact on my and Kill Frenzy’s long term gaming plans. Then there’s Dust 514, which as a PS3 game will have limited impact for me in some ways, but as a potentially landmark title in a MASSIVE way it’s something I simply have to be involved with.

That’s it for me until Dark Millenium Online in 2013. I am of course aware that my damned curiosity may lure me into trying out Secret World and Guild Wars 2, but I have no current desire to play either. Plus with that lot mentioned above, single player games and limited gaming time, I’m not convinced I’ll be able to get much more in.

How’s your schedule looking?


  1. Sticking with WAR till the end. Dont think thats very far :P GW2 afterwards.

  2. Think i will play SWTOR for quite some time since i have more stamina then u ;-) , and still dont understand why rolling a pvp server since we hate gank pvp and the pve servers are exactly like WARs core servers.

    Will try the F2P FPS mmo Firefall most likely.

    Will try GW2 since the pvp looks good! not to happy about the GFX and Pokemon World but well see.

    Awesomely hope as well something would happen to war, i would resub in a hearthbeat if new content was added.

    Planetside 2 and MWO as well ofc, Firkan is already reserverd at MWO.

    probably will get some more games in between!

    think it will be a very busy gaming year!

  3. If the servers are exactly like WAR's then yeah I will change us to PvE servers. I'm not convinced yet though.

  4. SWTOR's PvE rules servers (and possibly the PvP servers as well, as I've seen nothing saying otherwise) will have one major difference from WAR's Core rules (and PvP) servers: there's no restriction on having characters on both factions on a single server. While the PvP purist in me says cross-realming can destroy a server's PvP community, the more observant gamer in me says that it probably means nohing in a game not designed around PvP.

    SWTOR is designed around story and I really want to see both sides of the story without having to adapt to two different server communities. The (brilliant if they pull it off) Guild pre-launch system with Adversaries and Allies just solidifies this plan for me. Some of our esteemed WAR colleagues are rolling on both sides, and many of them have been pulled into our web of A&As. After I finish my first character's story I will certainly roll a toon of the opposite faction to see that side of the story and content. And I have friends in our A&As who are doing the same vice-versa, so our guilds will share many members across factions. We all like fighting each other because we're all pretty good at it. So strangely enough cross-realming in SWTOR may actually help the PvP community on our server. Just speculation and hope really (A New Hope perhaps with this new pre-launch system? So Sorry for that), but it looks promising to me. I'll probably stick with SWTOR for quite some time just for the story and content, and if the PvP is rocking I won't leave for GW2, MWO, or anything else unless those games come out REALLY strong and some of my murderous cohorts pull me along.

  5. Think it's Skyrim, and a lot of Battlefield 3. :D

  6. I did mention Planetside 2 :)
    "Planetside 2 fits in here somewhere and has the potential to have a major impact on my and Kill Frenzy’s long term gaming plans."

    No idea when it comes out :(

  7. Old time classics gladly still occupy my time, but from the upcoming games, Firefall might be worth giving a go http://www.firefallthegame.com/home

    Also: Skyrim, GW2 and the 40k mmo :P

  8. One of the most packed gaming Q4-Q1 in a long long time, the games that i know i will spend a lot of time on is Skyrim, LoZ - Skyward Sword, Diablo 3 (when it's finally released) and eventually GW2.

    But Skyrim will make the coming months go very quickly i think, just need to get enough sleep so i can manage my real life as well.

  9. Aggy - Thanks for the tip on Firefall. I'm having a look into that now.

    Biggsie - I know mate it's mental eh? Sooooo many games worth playing right now. And actually 2012 has enough for me now, just not quite the normal MMORPGs I would be playing. The announcement of MWO has totally changed my outlook on next year.

  10. I have never tried playing any Star Wars game online, this Old Republic version sounds great to me. Might as well check this out soon.

    Buy SWTOR Account


    Mists of pandaria for me

  12. Good to see a fellow KN WAR fiend going to MWO. I'm still hopeful that Bioware will through some love at WAR, hopeful, but not optimistic.

  13. Its Rift for me after my major failure of an experience in Swtor.
    After that i will probably have a look at BF3 for some quick fire fun.
    I would also come back to WAR if developed again (can't see it) but would also like to try anything new that looks worthy of a try.


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