Wednesday 23 November 2011

Latest Mech in the lineup revealed

Another Battlemech has been announced for Mechwarrior Online. The Dragon, a heavy class mech that generally specialises in long range combat. The announcement and a bit of lore fluff can be found here.

So the list so far is:

  • Atlas
  • Dragon
  • Hunchback
  • Jenner
I must say that I am totally loving the art for these new versions of classic mechs. A lot of the old battletech art looks very dated, but this new stuff looks very current indeed.

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  1. The Dragon could get the prize for least-played/least-useful Mech in history... at least I find him terrible in the tabletop ;)
    Well..another contestant for this prize could be the Charger, but that is a totally different story.

    Nice list of Mechs so far and hopefully not everyone will/can go for Atlas.


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