Saturday 23 July 2011

WAR on the road

Mythic posted this earlier detailing some events they're going to be attending. Copy paste job for ya'll below:

Some interesting weeks are ahead of us. There are four events that we plan to visit before the end of August giving us the chance to have some face to face conversations with you.
The first two events are the US and the German Gamesday operated by our good friends at Games Workshop. The US Gamesday in Chicago is on Saturday, July 30th and the German Gamesday is on Sunday, August 7th. At both locations we want to take the opportunity to present the details of the upcoming patches as introduced in the last Community Update. Do you want to share your ideas how Fortresses should be re-introduced or which areas can make excellent new points of conflict? In Chicago or Cologne is your chance to discuss it in person.

The next event is GamesCom 2011 in Cologne. It starts on Wednesday, August 17th and ends on Sunday, August 21st. WAR won’t have a presence on the EA booth, but we will have some meet and greets events planned. The exact details including dates and times will be posted closer to the convention.
The last event is PAX in Seattle, WA from August 26th to August 28th and again we hope to meet some of you there for feedback and discussion.
The end of August will also see an announcement about our future plans for Warhammer Online.
See you on the road!


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