Tuesday 5 July 2011

Countdown to tomorrow

Tomorrow then is the slightly teased about July 6th and something WAR related is indeed happening. Mythic have invited a selection of the US bloggers to their offices to show them future developments for WAR. However this time is a bit different and some of us EU types have also been invited, via Skype.

So tomorrow I’m racing back from work to see what gets revealed, I say race as time wise its a bit tight with getting out of work for the start... but should be ok. I don’t know what it is we’re going to see, I‘ve no real idea if it will be a huge exciting OMG shock or a big letdown, but I am pretty sure that Mythic have a fair bit to talk about. I say this as we’re getting:
  • 30min presentation
  • 1hour Q&A
  • Another 30min presentation
If you’ve ever had to do a presentation or pitch for work, you’ll know that to do a full hour worth of talking means you’ve got to have a fair bit of subject matter. So I am very intrigued indeed. I could post my guess as to what it is, but I’m not going to since it’s only tomorrow and I don't want to risk looking like an even bigger prick than normal :P

Are hopes to be dashed once again? Or could we be turning an unexpected corner? I shall update ya'll ASAP tomorrow.


  1. Oh rly?!!

    Pls 3rd faction pls! lol as if :p Cities?

  2. Would you be letdown if it was F2P? I don't think it will be. What time does this start? When can your braying readers get to hear the goss??

  3. That is very cool and just goes to show there's plenty of life in the WAR machine still. Looking forward to your findings.

  4. Not too excited tbh. If they had something serious to talk about it would be advertised much more openly. So it will be no second coming.

    I reckon they will discuss (in order of probablity):

    Probably some interesting changes to the campaign.

    F2P plus microtransactions.

    Cross server scens.

    lets see though, would really love to see some serious developments in my fav fantasy IP.


  5. Ogre Kingdoms & Vampire Counts as new factions. Make it so.

  6. Wednesday it said... Give us the precious!


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